Ambassador Girma Birru Engages Community Leaders of the Ethiopian Diaspora

Tigrai Online
Jan. 15 2011

Ambassador Girma Birru introduced himself to Ethiopian Diaspora community leaders, Professionals, business entrepreneurs, representatives of NGO's, associations and organizations in the Washington Metro area to-day January 14, 2011.

The Special Envoy, Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the US, addressed over seventy Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans at the conference hall in the premises of the Chancery.

Briefing the participants in his introductory remark, Ambassador Girma Birru said that the primary focus of his mission during his tenure in office as Ethiopia's Special Envoy to America is to further strengthen the existing Ethio-US partnership in all areas of endeavor and to consistently and continually strive hand in hand with the Ethiopian Diaspora community.

The Ambassador further elucidated that gainfully engaging and calibrating on the Ethiopian Diaspora community will spur an ensuing impact that benefits the members of the Diaspora in particular and the country at large.

He underlined the fact that Ethiopia is currently undertaking a deep-going and an all-encompassing Growth and Transformation drive that begs for the concerted and proactive channeling by the Ethiopian Diaspora, of the resources, skills, knowledge, expertise, experience, profession and networking competencies and capabilities through their spirited and active participation.

Ambassador Girma Birru, used the propitious occasion to highlight the measures taken by the Ethiopian government at home to steadily arrest the galloping rate of inflation through price capping mechanism and ultimately ensure the unhampered progress and development of the free market system currently in full swing in Ethiopia by encouraging all legitimate actors in the economy to responsibly play by the rule of the game subscribing to the law of the land.

During the function participants of the forum introduced themselves and their respective constituencies and finally pledged to work in close partnership with the Embassy towards promoting the positive image and bolstering the interest of Ethiopia.