TDA-Nashville Hosted Successful Event

Jan. 23 2011

Tigray Development Association Nashville Chapter hosted very successful event on January 15, 2011 to raise funds for a potable water project in one of the elementary schools in Tigray. This event was unique than any other TDA events we have seen in the past. The attendees of the event were not only tigrians but all Ethiopians from corner to corner including Eritreans. Even though Nashville Ethiopians are known for their unity and we were expecting all Ethiopians to attend, the turnover of the attendees was overwhelming.

It is not the number of the attendees that surprised us the most but the mixture of the Audience. All Ethiopians, Eritreans, Americans, and Arabic people attended the event. It was much diversified audience and that was very delightful to see. In addition to the Nashville and surrounding cities, there were also people who traveled from Alabama, Chattanooga and Clarksville to attend the TDA Nashville fund-raising event. By the way, the Clarksville brothers and sisters are the back bone of the TDA Nashville Chapter.

During the event, we received several comments from participants. Among the comments, one participant spoke to committee members saying “we are not Tigrians, Amharas, Gurages, Oromos, etc but Ethiopians; that is why I am here tonight to support the good cause that will benefit my country, Ethiopia.” He continued saying “whether the project is in Tigrai or Sidamo, it is all for Ethiopia and that is all it matters” he said. Another participant said “I do not speak Tigrnya and I am not interested in dancing. I am a religious person. But I am here tonight to support the good deed you are doing. I hope everybody follows your foot steps and do what you guys are doing because helping the needy is a blessing.”Both these participants and many others asked us not to forget to invite them for any similar events we might have in the future. Mr. Raymond from the project C.U.R.E. of Nashville was also presented in the event. We recognized Mr. Raymond as a guest of honor in front of the audience and he promised us to help in any way possible in his power.

A number of people also called us after the event day and expressed their regret for not making it to the event. Some Ethiopians and Eritreans sent us donations even after the event was passed just to show their support.

Finally, we would like to thank all the people who supported us and most of all our sisters for preparing the food for the event free of charge to TDA and our guests. Our sisters spent their time, money, and energy to make the event successful. This is not the first time our Nashville sisters have done this and we would like to express our sincere appreciation for their continuous support to our Association. In general, the event was very meaningful and successful. We hope every other city and state follows the example Nashville has set for unity and solidarity.

Thank You,

TDA Nashville Chapter