Does the end of Isyas leadership means the end of Shaebism,
or does the end of Shaebism equals the end of Isyas ?

By Gidoen Bahtemariam
Jan. 23 2011

Does the end of Isyas leadership means the end of Shaebism, or does the end of Shaebism equals the end of Isyas ?

To many Eritreans my hypothesis, that Isyas and Shaebianism ideology were planted on Eritrea, by Egyptian intelligent agency was not well received. Some of them dismissed my point by proclaiming, that this is all a lie. Some Eritreans said, Haile Sellasie and the Derge regime also said the same thing. Some Eritreans suggested that I leave Eritrea alone. Let me discuss these points as clearly as possible. In order to discuss these points, I need to revisit Pre-Badme war relationship between Ethiopia and Eritrea.

Pre-Badme war Eritrea and Ethiopia, what was the relationship like?
Before the Badme war broke out Ethiopia and Eritrea enjoyed a great relationship. Ethiopians and Eritreans traveled to each other country freely. Business between Eritrea and Ethiopia was conducted as usual. Despite the fact, that by Eritrea becoming independent, Ethiopia was left land locked. There were millions of Ethiopians were pissed off. There were many Ethiopians who believed that if Eritrea wanted to be independent, and then let it be. But it should never be allowed to interact with the Ethiopian nation. Contrary to these popular feelings by the majority of Ethiopians, the Ethiopian leadership opted for peaceful coexistent with Eritrea. They believe that, if Eritrea and Ethiopia enjoyed a sisterly relationship, a geographical mapping will not change much between Ethiopia and Eritrea. With that conviction, the Ethiopian leadership encouraged a very close relationship with Eritrea. Eritreans who deny this fact are lying to themselves.

As the good relationship continued, Eritrea introduced its monetary currency. It is expect that the change of currency would alter the economic relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia slightly . But, since a lot of Eritrean business men were well entrenched in the Ethiopian business community, the negative impact of the currency could have been solved. Therefore, those who have been saying that the war between Ethiopia and Eritrea was economic are not true. Eritrea and Ethiopia continued to enjoy great economical and social relationship before Badme war. After many years of civil war Ethiopia and Eritrea were breathing the environment of peace. Even though there were a lot of economical hardships in both countries, the people were happy that they had peace. But there was somebody who was not happy? Who was it?

Who was not happy pre-Badme war?
Egypt a country that is obsessed with controlling the Nile by depriving everybody else that live along it could not be happy by the new development. Egypt could not even imagine a sisterly relationship between Eritrea and Ethiopia. This is contrary to Egypt’s long term plan for the Horn of Africa. For that reason before a solid and good relationship between Eritrea and Egypt is built, Egypt had to tell its man Isyas to act, and instigate the war of Badme. When the war started, and it was clear that Isays and his bosses were not going to win the war, they still continued to refuse about four peace proposals to stop the war? Why? Why did isays refuse? Again he was told not to accept peace proposals , even though it was clear to him and to all Eritreans that the war was damaging to Eritrea. The peace proposals could have saved thousands of Eritrean and Ethiopian lives . It could have also prevented the current negative environment between Eritrea and Ethiopia. Unfortunately this could not take place, because Isyas and Shaebianism were at work, not a true Eritrean leadership that has a long term interest of Eritrea. Most shaebianism followers never ask these difficult questions. They only obey order. Now, let us discuss Shaebiansim, more in detail.

Shaebiansim, in Eritrea.
To this day, I cannot believe, the fact that many highly educated had adopted shaebiansim, consciously or unconsciously. Before Badme war, you could see that the majority of Eritreans bought the idea that Shaebianism was a home grown ideology that will benefit Eritrea. To the contrary, Shaeiansim, has never benefited Eritrea for one day. Shaebiansim, has only destroyed Eritrea. Shaebinaism is an imported ideology to crippled Eritrea for many generations. Then the question is how did Shabiansim arrive in Eritrea?

In my previous articles, I talked about how Egypt cultivated Isays Afroki to the helm of power in Eritrea. Once Isays was in power, Egypt was able infuse an ideology that will help it control Eritrea for many generations. This ideology is Shaeabiansim. Shaebiansm, ideology basically thought the Eritreans that Ethiopia and Ethiopians are your internal enemies? Now I ask everyone, which Eritrean person will benefit from this believe? None. But the Egyptians benefits from this believe. As long as Eritreans are thought that their internal enemy is Ethiopia, they will be more likely to cooperate with their man Isays Afeworki. This means that Isays Aforki and Shaebiansim work together to accomplish Egypt goal of destruction of Ethiopia. By 2011 many Ethiopians and Eritreans, recognize the threat of Isyas and Shaebiansm. By reading different articles, I came to the conclusion, that many Ethiopians and Eritreans believe that Eritrea will be a peaceful place, if Isayas Afeworki is deposed. I believe, Eritrea will be a peaceful place, when Shaeiansim is deposed from Eritrea. As long as Shaebianism exist, even if Isayas is deposed, a new leader who will be the same as Isays will lead Eritrea. Therefore, in order to get rid of Isays, and his bosses, it is important to get rid of Shaebianism.

Now answering back to shaebianist followers.

Leave Eritrea alone
In response to my writing some Eritreans asked me to leave Eritrea alone. I was really surprised by that comment. How could I leave Eritrea alone, a nation which is lead by a tyrant and a dangerous ideology? These two systems were responsible for igniting a war that consumed tens and thousands of my countrymen. Do you believe we Ethiopians have forgotten this fact? We are still waiting for the time, that Isyas, and his shaeabianst puppet to Waite in trial for that war. Every Ethiopians holds anger, and a deep grudge, for the Badme war.

I know that many Eritreans are angry that their citizens were deported from Ethiopia. My answer to that is, give me the tens and thousands who were killed during the Badme war, and I will return all Eritreans who were deported from Ethiopia. Shabiansim ideology teaches its followers to always feel like they are victims. During Badme war, Eritrea was not the victim, Eritrea was the aggressor. This is not propaganda, this is a proven fact. If anything Eritrea is not a victim of Ethiopia, Eritrea is a victim of Isyas and Shaebianism, and the guardians of our misery.

For the last ten years your isyas and Shaebianims, at the order of his masters has been busying trying to ignite civil wars in Ethiopia . The current government in Ethiopia is very patient, but the action of Isyas are clearly an aggression that could easily provoke a war. As you can see Shaebianims never works for peace, it works hard to ignite wars. As it continues to work hard for war, and as the guardians of our misery get desperate it is easy to predict another major war. The question is who will benefit from this? And who is the victim? The victim is clearly Ethiopia, and truth is on its side. Truth is always the engine for fighting stamina. Isays, Shaebianism, and the guardians of our misery should be fought to the bitter end.

Homework for Shaebianist
Now many of you who comments on my articles used the words why? I was really surprised to hear the word why from a shaebianist follower. For a minute I used to think the word why was deleted of every page of Eritrean dictionaries, because I have never heard or read a Shaebian follower asking his leader why? All shaebianist, next time you visit your local Mekete meeting, ask your leader why? While you are at it, ask him why all the youth of Eritrea are running away from their country to unknown destination? Ask him why, Eritrean youth have to fight for the golden race? Ask your America based Shaebianist, why he is more nationalist than half of the leadership that is rotten in prison ? If shaebian puppets, Mektet leaders, and attendees can help answer the above questions we can get a good discussion going. The truth is, Shaebianism does not teach discussion and debate. Shaebianism teaches blind obedience to invisible leadership that can be traced to Cairo. This is the brutal truth.

A home grown Eritrean nationalism would have looked like?
A home grown Eritrean nationalism would have saved Eritrea of its current affair. Eritrea and Eritreans would not have been used against their Ethiopian sisters and brothers. Eritrea by now would have prospered, and became a peaceful nation. A home grown Eritrean nationalism would have had a clear understanding of Eritrea’s short and long term benefits. In regards to Ethiopia, Eritrea and Eritreans would have understood that Ethiopia will be their neighbor forever. Therefore, it was important to understand mutual beneficial cooperation, and respectful relationship. Under Shaebianism, Eritreans are systematically taught to hate Ethiopia. They are also taught that Eritrea will enjoy peace only if Ethiopia crumbles. With this ideology in mind Shaebianism inspired Eritreans waste a good amount of their time to destroy Ethiopia, and Ethiopian unity. While Shaebianist are busy doing that, Eritrea is bleeding

A home grown nationalism, would have geared all Eritreans human and natural resources for the purpose of building Eritrea. A home grown nationalism would have inspired the leadership, and its followers to pursue a peaceful coexistence within the nation, and with the neighbors. A home grown nationalism would have prevented Egypt from taking over Eritrea.

Concluding Remarks:
Egypt is not the only country that is colonizing another nation through an ideology. Egypt is colonizing Eritrea through Isyas and Shaebianism. The Russians were controlling the Balkan nations, through the ideology of communism. When communism was destroyed, the nations that were oppressed by Russia were freed. In the case of Eritrea, when Shaebianims crumbles, Eritreans will be free from Egypt’s clever control of their nation. We hope Eritreans will create a home grown nationalism, which will enable them to live in peace with themselves and their neighbors.