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Two Sisters with Kidney Disease need your urgent Financial help

By Tigrai Online
Jan. 06 2012

Dear All,

Frehiwot and Mulubrhan Melaku

The two young sisters named Muluberhan Melaku and Frehiwot Melaku are residents of Adwa town. Doctors from Bethel General Hospital in Addis Ababa conducted tests on both sisters and concluded they need kidney replacements. Their medical treatments, including the kidney replacements, have to be done outside the country. This creates a huge financial burden which the family cannot afford. As such, they are appealing for people’s generous assistance. The mother of the two sisters is donating one of her kidneys to one of the sisters but a second kidney has to be purchased for the other sister. The mother lost her third daughter to a similar disease last year. The mother sold her only house where she used to live for the purpose of the daughters’ treatment. As it is not enough, she is traveling form church to church and asking for help (q’letuni enabela).

A recommendation letter from the Office of Labor and Social Affairs in Adwa is attached. A second letter from Bethel General Hospital containing the test result for Muluberhan , signed by the Medical Doctor of the hospital, is also attached.

I think this is an opportunity to make a difference, perhaps to save lives in the spirit of the New Year. These are very young sisters with much of their lives ahead of them. Please keep in mind, time is against us and let us act quickly and donate as much as we can as the sisters are being going through kidneys dialysis treatment twice a week.

Account Information:
Bank name:              Commercial Bank of Ethiopia, Meskel Adebabay Branch
Name of Beneficiary:    W/ro Gidey Zegeye Wasihun
Account Number:         01730-1551-1600
Routing Number:          CBETETAA
The mother’s mobile phone number is: +251-910211547
Thank you for helping.