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Is the time right to remove the president for life in Eritrea?

By Tigrai Online
Jan. 08 2012

Eritrea on the crosshair - Tigrai Online

The freak of nature in Eritrea has been tirelessly trying to divide the Ethiopian people and destroy the country. This Arab stooge’s life lines are disappearing fast. Mubarak of Egypt is about to be facing the noose soon, Libya’s Qaddafi is buried, Syria’s leader is hanging by a thread and the rest of the Arab leaders are praying for their dear lives. The sanctions are strengthened in the last round of the Security Council meeting. I know it wasn’t tough enough but what the latest sanctions did was all eyes of the world to focus on the one man regime in Eritrea. His every move is under the watchful eyes of the international community. The puppets of Al-Qaeda in Somalia the Al-Shabaab are about to be thrown to the history dustbin.

So, would it be the right time for Ethiopia to finish the one and only source of her pain, Isayass Afeworki of Eritrea? Or should Ethiopia continue on its path of economic growth and development and let the no war no peace do the magic?