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We abhor the latest dastardly terrorist acts of brinkmanship
by the bellicose Eritrean regime

By Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC
Jan. 19 2012

One can surmise and indeed succinctly argue that today, the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety by summoning onboard Africa, and indeed the world at large, a rare commodity in the global political and diplomatic market; is the clarion expression of concern, condemnation and worry against the broad daylight acts of terrorism and none camouflaged killings and kidnappings unleashed by the Eritrean regime indiscriminately targeting innocent civilians in Ethiopia.

This wicked measure of vandalism corroborated in no uncertain terms by its actions has been the unabashedly shameful and perfidious act of destabilization in the horn region and beyond, decidedly and flagrantly championed by the hooligan Eritrean leadership in Asmara.

According to News dispatches obtained, on Monday, 16 January 2012, a group of 22 tourists travelling in the Afar Regional State of Ethiopia were attacked by gunmen cuddled and arrayed by the military brass in Asmara under the one man and sole leadership of the dictator Issayas Afewerki and his orchestra.

It was an act of open terrorism resulting in the death of five people with others injured and kidnapped. Those killed were two Germans, two Hungarians and an Austrian. The injured included an Italian, a Hungarian and two Germans. Three Ethiopians were also kidnapped.

It is these despicable and notorious thugs at the helm of the political power embodied in the miniscule nation of Eritrea who have brazenly and blatantly exhibited contemptible posture. By resorting to such rogue dispensation they have confronted militarily all the neighboring countries in a futile bid to demonstrate their paper tiger macho and preposterous military prowess.

Once again they have indulged in such nefarious act of lawlessness and brigandage demonstrating contempt and irredentist behavior by trampling upon all civilized norms devoid of decency and accepted practice of modern diplomacy.

In a futile bid which is as a consequence of its self-delusionary military adventure, the military junta in Asmara has amassed close to half a million conscripts in the hills and valleys of Eritrea.  This scheme is a smoke-screen to hide its blatantly fragile stance.

It demonstrably stands as an apt corroboration of its true self, ie. a recluse nation that is under the radar screen of humanity that has gathered ample evidence of its violation of international norms and generally accepted standard of morality.

Ethiopia has been consistently alerting the world of the satanic deeds of the regime in Asmara. The Ethiopian government in the past went on record by exposing the Eritrean regime at the summit of the helm of the Security Council by amply telling the august body to decidedly stand in and swallow the bitter pill and declare its verdict on the belligerent state of Eritrea.T

o-day it is not only Ethiopia although bearing the brunt of Eritrean unruly behavior, many countries and their sub-regional organization, IGAD, are in one voice appealing to the international community to take a tangible move and stop the mad dog of Eritrea from pushing the region into the brink of war and conflagration.

The brinkmanship and irresponsible act of the Eritrean regime, it should be noted is sweeping the region into a scenario that could be imbued with outlandish consequences that could possibly spell doom and gloom. The international community has the historic accountability and leadership requisite to hold answerable and reign on the miniscule and provocative regime of Eritrea to desist from its dastardly adventures and heed to international norms that govern civilized nations.

According to the recent resolution of the UN Security Council, Asmara's continued meddling in the internal affairs of all neighboring countries by abetting and sponsoring Al-shabab, tutelage of Al-Queda was singled out and condemned as a futile attempt designed to legitimize and embolden the terrorist group which functions in cahoots and sync with the lawless regime of Eritrea.

It is an open secret that, the international community after having patiently tried all diplomatic and peaceful means to advise Eritrea to stop its unwarranted intervention, provocation, open hostilities, arrogance and out-right contempt to international, continental and regional norms, organizations and respected leaders, finally passed a series of resolutions.

The expected effect is naturally, that the destabilizing acts of Eritrea should be halted and all necessary measures be resolutely be taken to deter such manifestations prompting the UN Security Council to react accordingly in the not too distant past.
It is against this stark backdrop that the Ethiopian government is finally calling upon the international community to seal and decidedly thwart all Eritrean acts aimed at destabilization and other related terrorist acts against innocent people. Equally cardinal concerns of Ethiopia are other moves targeting  the current multi-faceted development ventures that it has decidedly anchored on, which have unfortunately shamefully invited disdainful opposition perpetrated by the rogue regime in Asmara in concert with some fringe elements of the ever dying few elements of the extreme Ethiopian opposition.

The recluse state of Eritrea acquires money it purportedly gets through illegal laundering, black market combined with direct financial contributions from ruling party supporters and the imposition of the so called DIASPORA tax.

This illicit and illegal conundrum unheard of in international norm and practice is channeled towards bolstering and beefing up its terror network with the express and clear mandate of destabilizing neighboring states.

What is more, the design is fraught with evil schemes of maintaining the status quo and keeping in power perpetually, the police state of president Issayas Afewerki by extending support to recalcitrant elements with the aim of creating havoc, wanton killings and kidnappings.

The world and indeed the UN should act decisively by concluding that it is an exercise in futility on its part to resort into a carrot and stick policy as pertains to Eritrea.  A clear and unambiguous message to Eritrea should be that it needs to desist and refrain from its evil acts of destabilizing the region by abetting, supporting and harboring international terrorists, regional extremist cohorts and fringe Diaspora extremist elements of all hues and colors.

The UN Security Council should not be deluded by temporary appearances and must pay heed to the behavior and true nature and defining character of the regime in Asmara by effecting practical and realistic commensurable and appropriate measures.

The uncompromising stand of the UN Security Council should unambiguously send the real message short of being exposed to the hoodwinking tactics of the notorious regime of president Issayas by meting out biting sanctions against the regime, which has eroded the confidence of its people and is seen as an international pariah. The objective of the measure should be to prevent the efforts of the Eritrean government to undermine the peace and stability in the Horn of Africa.

Although it is prudent to expect from a law abiding nation like Ethiopia which prides itself of a daunting valor, patriotism and an unequivocal sense and spirit of enduring independence to play by the rules of international game, it undoubtedly recognizes that it is the Ethiopian people who ultimately reign upon and come to the fray when it finally descends upon them to continue the unhampered and determined resolution to  root out poverty and earn sustainable peace and security to carry on this gigantic mission.