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Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO) Press Statement

RSADO Press Release
Jan. 26, 2012

Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization-Tigrai Online The Red Sea Afar Democratic Organization (RSADO), stands hand in hand with our brothers and sisters in afar regional state, with people of Ethiopia, as well as with International community by denouncing unprovoked Terrorist action by Eritrean government and its agents in Erta-Ale, Danakil Depression, Afar Region on Jan 17th, 2012.  

Eritrean government of Asmara, in the past several years has earned itself negative attention from international community and region’s governments for destabilizing the region. Human rights groups accuse the PFDJ government in Asmara of turning the country into a "giant prison".

Eritrea’s track record as destabilizing role in the Horn,

Just recently on July, 2011 UN monitoring group on Somalia and Eritrea produced 417page report detailed Eritrea’s support for terrorism in Somalia. On the same July, 2011, Ethiopia foiled massive terrorist attack against African Union (AU) summit in Addis Abeba, The attack would have caused a high number of civilian deaths and serious impact on Ethiopia's economy.

On  December 23,2009, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1907 adopted,  imposed an arms embargo on Eritrea, travel bans on its leaders, and froze the assets of some of the country's political and military officials as punishment for aiding anti-government rebels in Somalia and refusing to withdraw troops from its disputed border with Djibouti,

On December 05, 2011, even tougher sanctions were imposed on Eritrea targeting its mining sector as a financial source to destabilize the Horn of Africa region and support for terrorism. The Council also condemned Eritrea’s use of the “Diaspora tax” on the Eritrean Diaspora to destabilize the Horn of Africa region including procurement of arms and related materiel for terrorist armed opposition groups.

On June 2008, Eritrea aggressively invades tiny Djibouti border of Ras Doumera, killing and kidnapping Djibouti soldiers as well as displacing our Afar citizens on both sides of borders. As usual Eritrea denied any responsibility for incursion in to sovereign state of Djibouti and abducting soldiers. Eritrean foreign ministry blamed US administration for instigating conflicts in the region. Eritrea’s lie were further  exposed when eight abducted Djibouti soldiers fled Eritrean captivity into Sudan last year assisted by afar Eritrean soldier , 6 out of 8  escapee  didn’t make it alive, 2 were handed safely to Djibouti government.

Eritrea’s crimes against humanity on Red Sea Afar People,

The Red Sea Afar people in Eritrea have been victimized and terrorized by PFDJ regime, since Eritrea gained its independence from Ethiopia in 1993. Our Afar citizens in Eritrea continue to suffer horrendous human rights abuses by Eritrea’s military Junta. Innocent Red Sea afar people are being systemically cleansed by Eritrean ruling elites, they’re being moved and cleared from their ancestral and indigenous homeland to make room for its settlement policies, their properties and resources and ports have all being destroyed, confiscated and misused. The Afar language and territories is being systemically disfigured.

The regime continues its onslaught on ethnic afar in Eritrea through indiscriminate killings, everlasting disappearances, unwarranted detentions and mass expulsion into refugee camps of neighboring countries. The Country has produced unprecedented refugee crisis. Since the rebels of Asmara took power, some 200,000 red sea afar people have fled their homes as refugees into neighboring countries.  
Motives for Eritrea’s destabilizing and bellicose behavior  in the region,

The Asmara PFDJ regime has failed measurably to transform itself from its guerilla rebel movement era to independent, democratic rule of law state. Onetime brothers in arm TPLF and EPLF fought and died together against their common enemy former Ethiopian Marxist rule of Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam of Derg to liberate their respective countries. Ethiopia has since taken remarkable steps to democratize the country, guaranteed constitutional rights for each nationality to self-rule; by way of Ethnic federalism, it enjoys steady economic growth. Politically it plays positive role in the region, and has good relation with it neighbors. Even though there remain many challenges in today’s Ethiopia, in general terms, they are taking a huge step in the right direction towards sustainable peace and economic growth.

On the other hand, Eritrea has been shooting itself on the foot politically ever since it became newest state in the horn. It embarked on aggressive adventures, trespassing on neighboring sovereign states , such as Yemen islands , Djibouti, Ethiopia. Domestically failed policies earned the comparison with North Korea for its reclusiveness and lack of press freedom. Massive human rights abuses at home triggered the exodus of its youth, further depleting its intellectual base. It declared war on it biggest trading partner (Ethiopia) with 80 million mouths to feed. Ethiopia in return signs a deal with Djibouti for use of its port. Two of Eritrea’s international ports became useless and home for pigeons, with devastating consequences economically. Ethiopia out maneuvered Eritrea on every aspect of governance, politically and economically, with international community and with regional governments and organizations. Eritrean Tyrant is bent on destroying Ethiopia, by fighting a proxy wars, funding terrorism, even if it means bringing his country down with it. 

Who is responsible for the Jan, 17th attack on Tourist?

RSADO’s intelligence confirms the terrorist attack that took the lives of innocent European tourist on early Tuesday morning , on Jan 17th , has the hallmark of Eritrean security forces. We have learned the said perpetrators were trained and funded by Eritrean government, inside Dankalia for this mission, in a place called Damqo, in Inside Eritrea. The chief operators of this terrorist attack are Colonel Debesay and intelligence Chief Wedi- Ferow (in charge in Assab, Dankalia). The point of entry to Erta-Ale, Afar regional state of Ethiopia, was Fura North- western Dankalia, and they remain at large inside Eritrea with protection from state of Eritrea.   

We have also learned from our intelligence inside Dankalia, that Eritrean government became increasingly agitated with those of its accomplices, when the mission went wrong, meaning there were foreigners killed under their watch, Eritrea immediately  wanted to put the blame on those local men. They refused initially, saying we have taken on the mission jointly; we should share the responsibility equally. Eritrea refused, they (local Afar accomplices) went on to claim responsibility for the attack, but they in return accused Ethiopia for killing the tourist on their press release. Currently there is a meeting in Assab, Eritrea, organized by Eritrean government to find way out of the mess it got itself in. The Afar locals have neither the expertise, nor the funds to carry out such an attack.

RSADO calls on all governments that are involved in this region, including Europeans, to look beyond this incident and look into the nature of terrorist state of Eritrea, and it’s deliberate work of destabilizing the region as a whole and curtailing the work for peace and security, economic prosperity and human right of Eritrean citizens, to discuss every possible options to halt Eritrean government of Afewerki from being source of insecurity in the region..


The Red Sea Afar Democratic Org.(RSADO) is indigenous to Dankalia, Eritrea , has extensive knowledge of the area and has contacts on the field ,RSADO will assist and work  for  fast recovery of those  remaining hostages.   

Department of Information;
Addis abeba ,

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