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Praise to thee, Lekatit 11

Henok Emahager
Feb. 18, 2012

Praise be to thee month of the year,
Date of the month praise be to thee,
Time of inspiration, precursor to dignity,
Herald to peace, wellbeing and liberty. 

Where the resolute few, the men of valor,
Came together,
Yes. Came together and trek on together,
On the road they know would be ‘long and bitter’, 
To preface history with their red color,
A color that dribbles not from a pen,
But that which oozes from the vein.
To face off, to defy Goliath the ‘mighty’,
And restore equity, justice and human dignity.
They went to the wilderness with just a sling,
And start from thence their pebbles to fling.

Emboldening date and month of the lekatit,
Glory be to thee and to thy men of merit,  
As the savvy say it,
In their mouth, in their rhyme,
Everything lies in the womb of time.

So it was deep in your womb, 
That hope and healing began to sprout and bloom,
And the days of bemoaning and tyranny began to doom.

Those trekking legs and trickling blood,
Have brought close to the dexterous hand,
Peace, healing, social and economic brand,
Which were far off, faint and blurred,
Like a noon star twinkling in pride .
So praise be to thee, day of liberty,
Month of commemoration, month of dignity.
Time of remembrance, time of reflection,
To all those ‘keyahtn tselemtn’ martyred in action.

Eternal memory to our martyrs!
~ ሄኖክ፣ እምሃገረ ኖርወይ 

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