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History repeats itself

By Atnafseghed
Feb. 19, 2012

Ethiopia still roaring - Tigrai Online It is to be recalled that the perfidious British brought the Italians to Massawa who took over Eritrea with the help of Emperor Menelik which eventually resulted in the five years occupation of Ethiopia planned and helped by the British after the death of Emperor Yohannes. The perfidious British   breached the Treaty of Adwa and betrayed Emperor Yohannes though Emperor Yohannes fulfilled all the terms of agreement with the British including rescuing the besieged British troops in the Sudan which I don’t believe it is necessary to detail this besieging and why. Among other things in the terms of agreement in the Treaty of Adwa between Ethiopia and the British, the British were obliged to give Masssawa back to Ethiopia but treacherously and blatantly refused thus breaching the agreement.

Now the British government is courting the terrorist government in Eritrea which is labeled  as terrorist by the AU and the UN. Again the British government is betraying not only Ethiopia but also Africa as the terrorist government  in Eritrea is continuously trying to destabilize Africa being proxy for some enemies of Africa.

History repeats itself.

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