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Lekatit 11 colourfully celebrated in Oslo

Tigrai Online
Feb. 20, 2012

The 37th birth day of the popular struggle of the Tigrai people, Lekatit 11, was colorfully celebrated in Oslo by compatriots from the Tigrai region in the presence of veteran fighters and a guest of honor on Saturday the 18th of February 2012.

The occasion was marked by one minute prayer to the fallen heroes and heroines during the armed struggle against the fascist Derg-regime followed by candle lighting and key-note address by the veteran fighter guest of honor who came from long distance to join the ceremony from her mission residence.

In her key-note address the guest of honor elaborated the TPLF central committee message of the 37th birth day, which included the following core points among others:

That our people won the bitter struggle against the Derg regime and assured equality and self rule up on which democracy and development are in sustained progress.

  • The struggle has yielded to the establishment of democratic developmental state. She also mentioned that the succession process is proceeding as per planned
  • The 5 year GTP (growth and Transportation Plan) is being undertaken in a manner the masses at all levels become beneficiaries
  • Drought resistant agricultural development is in miraculous success with Natural resources conservation based irrigation development and appropriate extension systems in rural areas
  • Establishment and strengthening of development army from the farmers, professionals, wudib-members and leadership is top on the agenda and well in progress.
  • Anti-rent seeking struggle is waged to guarantee the sustainable development of cities and towns
  • The infrastructure and basic services development in the areas of power generation and distribution, education, health and telecommunications is in full swing making the general public beneficiaries at all levels.

The guest also deliberated on Bond investment of Diaspora compatriots for the Headsse Dam under construction. Participants pledged to buy bonds and put their finger print on the historic monument of Hedasse Dam.

The celebration stayed whole night with compatriots enjoying Woyanay songs.

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