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Hotel rating assessment project in Ethiopia fails

Tigrai Online
Feb. 25, 2012

Sharaton Hotel in Addis Ababa Ethiopia - Tigrai Online The hotel rating assessment project launched last year has finally failed to make it as anticipated by industry observers and hoteliers. Pursuant to the Ministry of Trade’s instruction last year that when businesses come for license renewal they should bring with them a competence certificate from the respective ministries and government agencies, hoteliers were promptly made to have their facilities rated without getting ready for it.

The Ministry of Culture and Tourism (MoCT) has for several months now been reviewing the rating assessment report, only to discard it.

“We have received the hotel rating assessment report from Addis Ababa and all the regions outside,” Sisay Teklu, coordinator of Tourism Services Competence Accreditation Directorate with Ministry of Culture and Tourism, told The Reporter. “However, because of the fact that the right preparation for the hotel rating task had not been accomplished prior to the assessment, particularly when it to the recruits who conducted the assessment without having adequate training, the result obtained, or the assessment is not the expected one.”

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