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Ethiopians accuse Sudan of forcible deportation

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Feb. 26, 2012

 An exiled Ethiopian human rights group has accused the Sudanese government of further intensifying crackdown against Ethiopian political refugees.

The Berlin based, Solidarity Committee for Ethiopian Political Prisoners (SOCEPP) alleged that Sudanese police have raided houses and rounded up Ethiopians in Omdurman and many parts of the capital, Khartoum, for forcible deportation.

Following the crackdown, a truck carrying Ethiopian refugees, who were held for deportation, had an accident, leaving dead 42 Ethiopians and two Sudanese police men.

SOCEPP condemned the UN refugee agency (UNHCR) of giving a back shoulder to address the outcry and in general for failing to defend the rights of many more Ethiopian refugees who currently are languishing and awaiting deportation at different detention facilities across Sudan.

“The violation by the Sudan of the rights of the refugees continues with gross impunity in the absence of any objection by the UNHCR or other human rights organizations,” the group said in a statement sent to Sudan Tribune.

Source, Sudan Tribune, More

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