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116th Vitory of Adwa celebrated in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online
March 04, 2012

Mount Soloda towers over the accient town of Adwa where the Ethiopian people defeated the Italians envaders The 116th Victory of Adwa in which Ethiopia defeated the Italian invading forces was celebrated colorfully on Friday through out Ethiopia.

Here in the capital, the day was celebrated in the presence of thousands of city residents, war veterans and government officials.

Federal Parliamentary Speaker, Abadula Gemeda laid a wreath on Menilik Square in commemoration of the martyrs who died defending the territorial integrity of the nation.

He urged the youth to repeat the victory of its forefather on poverty.

Addressing the crowd, Ethiopian Patriots Association President, LikeTiguhan Astatike Abata said youth should redouble their efforts to eliminate poverty.

A patriot, Abebe Asresahegn told ENA that the celebration of the Day is an honor for African.

The other resident of Addis Ababa Demoz Mihiretu said the youth should change Ethiopia and further enhance its efforts to maintain the ongoing development endeavors.

A young man, Solomon Addisu on his part said the young generation is responsible to speed up the development in the country and lift out the country from poverty.

Source, ENA

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