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37th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPLF Colorfully Celebrated in the Washington DC.

By Tsehaye Debalkew
March 04, 2012

37th Anniversary of the Founding of the TPLF in DC Tigrai Online Washington DC.-The 37th Anniversary of the founding of the Tigrean People's Liberation Front /TPLF/ hosted by the Union of Tigreans in North America (UTNA)  Washington DC chapter, was colorfully celebrated in the midst of fanfare and jubilation on March 3, 2012 @ 300 Army Navy Drive in Arlington Virginia.

A minute of silence in memory of the fallen heroes and heroines was observed by the packed audience that converged from Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and other surrounding environs.

 During the celebratory occasion, the statement presented by UTNA recalled the arduous and trying days of the struggle waged by the TPLF to demolish the dictatorial military putsch.

The UTNA statement pinpointed that one of the distinguishing features which characterized the TPLF as a movement was that although it was launched by the young educated ones, it had firmly maintained its democratic zeal, and correct political beliefs which latter were wholly embraced by the peasantry creating in its wake, a propitious condition for the struggle to intensify in depth, breadth and width up held by the entire Ethiopian people.

Another distinctive feature of the struggle waged by the TPLF that was recounted during the auspicious occasion was that the TPLF which was ushered in as a timely national movement in the Ethiopian socio-economic and political milieu, did not succumb, unlike other similar movements during its formative period and later, into an environment of narrow nationalism or chauvinistic jingoism.

The statement in this regard recalled, that there were and are still to be observed that some political organizations were rendered incapable of rallying the people behind their slogans, for the simple fact that they were imbued with erroneous political lines, strategy and leadership they wrongly pursued.

On the contrary the statement recounted, the TPLF has proved itself along with the other sister organizations that constitute the vanguard EPRDF as the bulwark of deliverance of correct leadership through thin and thick of the ongoing struggle and the subsequent progress attained, due to its correct plan and strategy which heavily relied on the people and its continued and unhampered capacity to rally them along its correct path during the overall journey it has traversed to-date.

UTNA, the sponsor of the occasion appealed to the Diaspora Ethiopians to join hands and participate in the nation building process that is currently in full swing by purchasing bonds towards the construction of Africa's biggest yet and pioneering huge dam, primarily to reap appropriate and legitimate fruits from their involvement and derive psychological satisfaction by concretely supporting their kith and kin in Ethiopia, and opening up new job opportunities and further spurring the national economic drive.

UTNA dedicated the 37th anniversary celebration of the TPLF as a fire band occasion to raise funds for its resolve to transition students who currently are forced to attend their classes in ram shackled shelters into modern schools housed in decent buildings.

Ambassador Girma Birru, Special Envoy, Ambassador Extra-ordinary and Plenipotentiary of the Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia to the USA and non-resident envoy to Mexico who was present during the event graced the occasion by recounting that the birth of the TPLF 37 years ago was a defining moment for the country and the entire people by enabling an epoch making transformation which has reshaped the nation for good by entrenching it to be one of the fastest growing economies in the globe.

Ambassador Girma also made a clarion call for all members of the Ethiopian Diaspora to raise the banner of the past generation that has put its imprint through the demanding and trying sacrifices it paid, to answer to the timely call pertaining to the transformation of the country.

In relation to the current situation that is prevalent in present day Ethiopia he elucidated that the Growth and Transformation Plan and particularly the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam, have been set in place to elevate Ethiopia and its people to a higher level of economic, social and political platform by enlisting the nation in the ranks of middle income countries by the year 2020.

The Special Envoy also re-iterated his belief that the newly emerging Ethiopian generation would live up to the historic call of continuing the struggle by registering new land mark achievements and by bolstering the already attained goals. Representatives of EPRDF member organizations and allied forces also addressed the audience in a show of solidarity.

Cupping the celebration, a live musical extravaganza accompanied by modern and diverse cultural and traditional songs which were championed by renowned artists who graciously volunteered to cheer up the congregation that were presented entertained the hilarious audience.

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