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Eritrea's Duplicity of Playing the Victim Card!

BY: Tsehaye Debalkew, Washington DC
March 17, 2012

Arguably the single most, cardinal issue that has captured unanimity in its entirety is the provocative and belligerent acts of the infantile regime in Asmara whose broad daylight acts of terrorism, brigandage, aggrandizement and wanton destruction and the incessant behavior of resorting to brute force unleashed by the tiny nation indiscriminately targeting its neighboring countries and peoples directly or through its surrogate puppets since the very day of its inception as a nation a little shy to two decades ago.

This wicked measure of vandalism corroborated in no uncertain terms by its actions which has been the arrogantly shameful and perfidious act of destabilization in the horn region and beyond, decidedly and flagrantly championed by the hooligan leadership in Asmara has indeed become the whole mark of the immature regime of Eritrea.

The despicable and notorious thugs at the helm of the political power embodied in the miniscule nation of Eritrea, have brazenly and blatantly exhibited contemptible posture by confronting militarily all the neighboring countries in a futile bid to demonstrate their paper tiger macho and shadow military prowess to the  utter demise and ultimate disaster of their diminutive nation.

 In a futile bid which is as a consequence of its self-delusionary military adventure, the military junta in Asmara has amassed close to half a million conscripts in the hills and valleys of Eritrea.  This scheme is a smoke-screen to hide its blatantly fragile stance. It demonstrably stands as an apt corroboration of its true self, ie. a recluse nation that is under the radar screen of humanity that has gathered ample evidence of its violation of international norms and generally accepted standards of morality and ethical behavior.

Ethiopia has been consistently alerting the world of the satanic deeds of the regime in Asmara.  Quite aware of its nefarious deeds the UN Security Council only a few months back, declared its verdict by imposing crippling sanctions on the regime with the straight and clear message of dissuading it from its brinkmanship and irresponsible acts of  destabilization directly by using its rogue force or indirectly by abetting and sponsoring vandalism and terrorism.

 The Eritrean regime it should be noted has been pushing the Horn Region, and far and near countries to the brink of conflagration with the ugly scenario that could spell doom and gloom in the neighborhood.  This flagrant move was propelled and carried away with the full knowledge of its consequences although the notorious gangs at the pinnacle of power did tether away from assuming accountability and leadership which is a prerequisite for holding the bad boys in Asmara answerable for the perfidious acts of aggression and other dastardly adventures.

According to a report of the Somalia-Eritrea Monitoring Group, an appalled UN Security Council was quick to learn in no ambiguous terms that Asmara's continuing relationship with Al-shabab, a tutelage of Al-Queda and as was recently corroborated, has become its natural ally and partner, appeared designed to legitimize and embolden the terrorist group which functions in cahoots and sync with the lawless regime of Eritrea.  

It is an open secret that, Africa and indeed the international community after having patiently tried all diplomatic and peaceful means to advice Eritrea to stop its unwarranted meddling, intervention, provocation, open hostilities, arrogance, prevarication and out-right contempt to international, continental and regional organizations and the rule of law, finally passed a series of resolutions to the effect that the destabilizing acts of Eritrea should be halted and all necessary measures be effected to deter such manifestations prompting the UN Security Council to react accordingly in the not too distant past.

It is against this stark backdrop that the Ethiopian government after having tailored a new Eritrean policy to effectively thwart all acts aimed at destabilization and other related terrorist moves against its people and the current multi-faceted development ventures that it has resolutely anchored on, took a legitimate, timely and instructive measure of quashing the reckless acts of the lawless regime which through its evil measures disdainfully attempts to create a situation of quagmire and regional destabilization.

 The timely heroic measure taken by the gallant Ethiopian forces has eliminated and wiped out the hubs of havoc and strife which were recently instrumental in the merciless massacre, apprehending and taking as hostages of Foreign and Ethiopian nationals by terrorists trained, supported and buoyed by none other than the culprit, ie. the hooligans in Asmara is an irrevocable response to the mannequin acts which shall effectively subdue the evil attempts of Issayas and his orchestra to foment strife and polarization in Ethiopia.

For all practical purposes and intents it is plausible to argue that Eritrea is one of the most militarized nations, vis-à-vis its miniature budget and scanty population,  has literally halted all and sundry attempts to allocate any budget towards the much needed alleviation of the dire economic destitution that it badly craves for.

Whatever development aid it acquires and money it purportedly gets through illegal laundering, black market combined with direct financial contributions from ruling party supporters and the imposition of a Diaspora tax, an illicit and illegal measure. This tradition is unheard of in international norm and practice.

 The proceeds are channeled and squandered towards bolstering and beefing up the country's singular military muscle with the express and clear mandate of maintaining the status quo and keeping in power perpetually, the police state of President Issayas Afewerki and his party.

 What is more, money thus laundered is extended to support recalcitrant and terrorist elements with the aim of creating havoc and destruction in countries far and near.

The world and indeed the UN categorically recognize that it is an exercise in futility to resort into a carrot and stick policy as pertains to Eritrea. That is why, the East African group of countries,  and the AU  the UN Security Council are ardently wielding the stick to send the message that Eritrea needs to desist and refrain from its evil acts of destabilizing the region by abetting, supporting and harboring international terrorists, regional extremist cohorts and fringe Diaspora extremist elements.

The world should not be deluded by temporary appearances, preposterous ploys of playing the victim card displayed by the notorious Eritrean regime for its record is replete with deceiving provisional posture with hidden impunity and must pay heed to the behavior and true nature and defining character of the regime in Asmara which is aggressiveness, belligerence and is a downright dangerous serpent.

 The international community should not be hoodwinked into believing the now soft spoken tongue of the devil in Asmara which is trying to demonstrate pretence to forestall the uncompromising stand of all that should unambiguously send the real and tough stance to the diversionary and hoodwinking tactics of president Issayas and his bellicose regime which has eroded the confidence of its people and is seen as an international pariah.

As for Ethiopia its patience with Eritrea was wearing thin for the latter unabashedly pursued dispatching forces of destruction into its territory and has reacted by meting force with force sending the signal that much could follow if there is no observable real resort to amicable and peaceful attitude towards mutually beneficial neighborliness.

  It should be clear from the outset that gone should the days that the regime in Asmara believed that tolerance and magnanimity as the cornerstone of Ethiopia's culture, is viewed as a sign of weakness on the part of Ethiopia or seen as a reluctance to strictly uphold international law by the world community to effectively reduce the Eritrean regime to its proper size.

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