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Ethiopia Occupies Adi Tekhlai And Sheshebit

Tigrai Online
March 19, 2012

Ethiopian Troop Movment - Tigrai Online

On Saturday morning March 17, 2012, Ethiopian forces made a second incursion inside Eritrean territories and attacked several Ethiopian opposition and Eritrean security camps.

Though Ethiopia has, denied Saturday’s attack, Gedab News learned that, on Saturday, the Ethiopians have occupied the villages of Adi Teklai, Sheshebit and surroundings. These two villages are close to the village of Badme which was the flashpoint in the fierce border war of 1998-2000 where about 70,000 soldiers died from both sides.

Gedab News has also learned that on last Thursday’s attack, Ethiopian forces have occupied a swath of land east and west of Bada including the villages of Renda, Detsen, Alha, Gindab where the Ethiopian forces still are as of the time this report is published.

The military objective of the attack seems to be to destroy Ethiopian opposition camps that are backed and supported by the Eritrean government.

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