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Face the chalenge to clutch the dream of the generation perseverance and hope

By Tezera Asegu / London, UK/
March 23, 2012

Perseverance incurs success
Success leads to determination,
                     Relentless endeavours escorts triumph
                     The impenetrable will be passable,

Generations consider as a fable
Hard was to manoeuvre the affluence of Nile,
            Hope & perseverance reciprocal
            Devotion avow hope,

The trialling voices of the birds 
The flora & fauna of Nile will sparkle,

         Tranquillity will prevail 
         The beauty of the Nile magnifies,

Nile embarrasses its indigenous vendors
No more partiality, but fairness,

           As usual be the flow of Nile
           Minute erosions & devastation annihilate,

Bestows its Natural mammon
Delight, unity & rejoice prevails,
Nile not only longer
Dipper will be in its entity,

                     The rainbow of the Nile fountain
                      Shines, dazzles & enlightened,

The day be more splendid
The night visible with naked eyes,

            The children of Nubians
            Enjoy & sip the chattels of their affluence,

Our history will be re- birth
Nile galvanizes its beneficiaries,

   Nile ties together its beneficiaries
   The beauty of the dam,

Echoes & sparks the essence of belongings
Nile is equitable and indistinguishable all vendors,

               No more war emanates & caused
               Bright hope, future and harmony,

Nile, Nile, Nile……
Blossom and no more murmur against us,
                    Brightness and prosperity
                    Flow in our sprit & heart,

Socio political
Economical ties sways in Africa,

     The renaissance dam will block nothing
     But poverty, suspicion, division and darkness

Ethiopia once again plays a role in fetching change
Particularly to African’s in general to the globe
        Remarkable civilizations re-emerge
        Around the shore of Nile and the surroundings

The Ethiopian flag blows again
  Nile will make history and gleaming

               Let’s play our part
               For bright future

Let us pour the blessed water of Nile
Through the long awaited
             Desiccated throat of the vendors of Nile
             Make history again, put your finger print

To be recalled generation to generations
As our gallant ancestors had done so
   It is not a myth
   But for sure
                   Ethiopia will prevail.

                                               Tezera Asegu /London,UK/

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