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An Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Showcase
Event of Socio-Cultural Significance Staged

Tsehaye Debalkew , Washington DC
March 23, 2012

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Showcase - Tigrai Online An event showcasing cultural and social values exemplifying traditional coffee ceremony which attracted a substantial group of Americans was colorfully held within the auditorium of the Chancery of the Ethiopian Embassy in Washington Dc. during the afternoon hours on March 23, 2012.

The colorful display highlighted Ethiopian traditional coffee ceremony, authentic, organic raw and roasted Ethiopian coffee, gave the occasion an aura of festivity.

Welcoming the group of Americans to the traditional coffee ceremony program, Ambassador Tesfaye Yilma, Deputy Chief of Mission and Head of Public Diplomacy and Communications Department @ the Embassy of Ethiopia in Washington D.C. hailed the group for making it to the Embassy as esteemed  guests and encouraged them to visit Ethiopia by expressing his belief that their visit will certainly bolster the already burgeoning People to People relations that currently exist between   Ethiopia and the USA.

Mr. Tibebu Assefa, Communications Director of the Takoma Park Community Action Group, which sponsored the tour  gave a robust impetus to the event by making an extended narration as pertains to the significance and deep societal meaning attached to traditional coffee ceremony in the  vast milieu of Ethiopian culture, emphasizing that

Ethiopian Coffee roasting and sample drinking were only a miniscule part of the wider picture in a country with a wealth of cultural milieu and exotic fauna and flora.

Mr. Tibebu apprised the group of the huge role coffee plays at the multitude of social, economic and cultural level by depicting the rich and diverse historical, cultural, wildlife, and environmental heritage of Ethiopia with amicable people and the country's changing image into a booming  21st century nation.
In this regard he cited that coffee is the mainstay of the Ethiopian economy and is only second to oil in dominating the international market.
It is to be noted that Ethiopia is endowed with a wealth of natural attractions coupled with a mix of nations, nationalities, languages and cultures.

Ethiopian Coffee Ceremony Showcase in DC- Tigrai Online Needless to underline that Ethiopia the birth place of coffee-it's gift to the world, the land of the legendary Queen of Sheba, home to the biblical Ark of the Covenant, the source of the Blue Nile/ the mighty and tumultuous African river where the Grand Renaissance Dam is being built with a power-generating capacity of 6,000MW, making it the continent's number one source of energy.

It may sound a bit surprising and quite baffling to learn that Ethiopia is the first and perhaps the only pioneering country on Earth that has accepted Islam as a religion and Faith without war and has been amicably accommodating for centuries on end the three earliest great religions of humanity Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

It is to be underscored that contemporary Ethiopia has opened a new vista in its long and cherished past and the world is witnessing presently that it is both a nation with solid history and an impeccable tradition with an ever rising economy setting a new standard for Africa.

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