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Abriha we Atsbiha Initiative Won a Prestigious Award

Tigrai Online
March 28, 2012

Abriha we Atsbiha Initiative the Winner of Prestigious Award - Tigrai Online Abriha we Atsbiha Resource Management Initiative, a grass-root environmental management program in  Abriha we Atsbiha of Eastern Tigray Region, has been selected as one of the 25 winners of the 2012 UNDP Equator Prize. The Initiative won the prestigious prize by competing with 800 submissions

from 113 countries in the world. The international award is a remarkable demonstration and recognition of  the power of indigenous technology and traditions to effectively address global environmental challenges.

For its outstanding feat, the Abriha we Atsbiha Community will be awarded 5,000 USD and a Certificate of Achievement, which will be presented at the Equator Prize Award Ceremony in Rio de Janiero, Brazil in June 2012.  A representative of the Community will travel to Rio de Janiero, with all expenses covered by the organizers, to receive the award.  Since the ceremony is held in conjunction with the 2012 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development, the Abriha we Atsbiha Initiative will get a chance to globalize its award-winning achievement.

Furthermore, among the 25 winners, ten will be selected for “special recognition” prize. Each special recognition winner will receive an additional 15,000 USD to further strengthen the local initiative.  We are confident that Abriha we Atsbiha Initiative will be selected for the special recognition.

The  Abriha we Atsbiha community was nominated for the award by Mekelle University’s Institute of Environment, Gender and Development Studies (IEGDS). Mekelle University and its partners have worked hard for this to happen. The University congratulates the hard-working Abriha we Atsbiha community, people of Tigray, the Regional government, REST and others for their remarkable achievements.

The prestigious UN award is a powerful statement that speaks not only to the grass-root efforts and accomplishments of the people of Tigray, but also to the leadership and commitment of our government in promoting and implementing green policies.

Source Mekelle University

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