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UN Delegation Visits Tigrai State Wows by the Effective Efforts of the People in Environmental Rehabilitation and Poverty Reduction

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April 03, 2012

A high level UN delegation headed by Md Nojibur Rahman, Economic Minister and Bangladesh Mission to the UN, accompanied by UNDP country Director, Mrs. Alessandra Tissot visited different areas in Tigray Region from MARCH 27-29 2012.

The Executive Board Members representing 20 different countries from Afirca, Asia, Europe, Latin America, Middle East and others visited four sites in Mekelle, two sites at Hintalo Wajerat and two sites at Kilite Awlaelo Wereda Abraha Atsbaha Tabia. A briefing was made by the Bureau Head of MOFED and His Excellency, president of the Regional State of Tigray, Ato Abay Woldu pointed out about the effective efforts of peoples of Tigray and achievements in environmental rehabilitation and poverty reduction.

The first visit was in Mekelle UN supported sites : the Mums for Mums, an NGO that undertakes different training programs for the young destitute mothers, elders and care for children. A high level UN delegation Visits Tigrai State - Tigrai Online

The second visit was the Diliet Waste Management Enterprise where the youth are organized to collect the wastes from the residents of Mekelle to keep the sanitation of the town and recycling the waste materials and changing it into fertilizers thereby creating jobs for the citizens followed by a visit to the Mekelle University Ayder Referral Hospital where emergency surgeons are getting training in collaboration with the global fund through the World Health Organization ( WHO ).

The also visited a UN supported food security assurance activities, health center , productive safety net program, Leave No Woman Behind and school feeding program in Hintalo Wajerat, 40 Kilometers away from Mekelle. This event enabled the executive

members of the UN to observe the health center and its activities, held thorough discussion with members of the community, and asked different questions to the participants of the discussion, visited households headed by women and observed their improvement on livelihood activities at Household levels. (Livestock Fattening, poultry activities)A high level UN delegation Visits Tigrai State and amzed by the people - Tigrai Online

The next visit was 60 Kilometers from Mekelle Kilite-Awlalo wereda, 20 Km gravel road to Abraha Atsbaha. This was the most exciting cluster area which surprised the delegation. In the watershed development cluster, there are catchments treatment, small water harvesting structures, trenches and percolation ponds, channels and area enclosure were visited. Especially the water harvesting check dams, ponds linked to livestock and potable water supply overwhelmed the mesmerizing efforts of the people of Tigray to the delegation.A high level UN delegation Visits Tigrai State they are wowed - Tigrai Online

Md Nojibur Rahman, the team leader, said on the field visit that they have learnt a lot from that local people and their leader and the best practices of the local people will be

reported to the UN governing body Further more, best practices of the people are weighing more than talks in environmental plans, UN will enhance and extend its support to the people with such best practices regarding supply of resources. The delegation also expressed their satisfaction with effective efforts made by the local people to eradicate poverty. Finally, the delegates ensured that Ethiopia is on the right track and can achieve the MDGs in poverty reduction at the scheduled time.A high level UN delegation Visits Tigrai State - Tigrai Online

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