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In Dr Birhanu Nega there is cowardice and irrational thinking

By Dilwenberu Nega
April 06, 2012

Gimboat 7’s Press Release of 21st March 2012, under the title of “The Horn of Africa cannot afford another war,” epitomises the cravings for power of the men and women on board Gimboat 7, no matter even if in doing so they end up smashing to smithereens cardinal principles of sovereignty.

The burning question, here is not why G7 issued a press release on a sensitive matter to Ethiopians, but why it dared to release a press statement which is diametrically opposed to the views of a great majority of Ethiopians, both at home and abroad.  To come out so publically in support of Shabia’s hypocritical cries at Ethiopia’s calibrated response to Eritrea’s incessant acts of destabilization must, therefore, be the affectation of Ethiopian quislings rather than those flag-waiving gung-ho supporters of G7 particularly in the Washington area

Ethiopia did not declare war on the State of Eritrea, but she has declared an all out war on anti-peace and terrorist forces that are bent on circumventing democracy and development in Ethiopia.  If these forces happen to have their training camps in Eritrea – as it has been established without a shadow of a doubt – so be it.  Who has given neighbouring Eritrea the licence to turn its nation into an incubator of terrorists?   It, therefore, behoves Ethiopia right to surgically remove these bases wherever they happen to be.  Does G7 require any reminder to the fact the US presence in Afghanistan is wholly justified because Afghanistan had become a haven for terrorists who strike at the heart of America?  In point of fact, the EPDRF government had demonstrated exemplary restraint towards Eritrea’s acts of provocation at a time when Ethiopian public opinion had been clamouring punitive actions against Eritrea.  If this is not being understood by G7 bigwigs, then G7 must have remained in hibernation mode longer than conventional view’s calculation.

To know what is right, and not do it, is the worst cowardice.

Much has been said and written about Dr Birhanu Nega’s cowardice, but the press release which, no doubt he has penned, paints a picture of a G7 manned by verdant politicians who do not possess a scintilla of patriotism.  How else can it be explained that after not uttering a word when Ethiopia was at the receiving end of Eritrea-nudged terrorist attacks, G7 now has the brazen audacity to come to the rescue of Isaias Afewerki by issuing an anti-Ethiopian sovereignty press release. Those close to Birhanu Nega argue that he did not issue the press release out of his own volition, but he had to give in to Isaias Afewerki’s ultimatum: denounce Ethiopia’s military incursions or else we will stop our assistance to G7.  We know, do we not, that Birhanu perspires, not to say wets, under pressure, but one would have assumed that his workation (work & vacation) in the US might have provided him with what he needs more than money – COURAGE.

The international community needs no reminding by G7 of who is the destabilizing nation in the Horn of Africa.  The African Union, IGAD and the Security Council respectively are adamant in their confirmation of Asmara aiding and abetting terrorists in the region as well as Asmara being the mastermind behind the foiled terrorist attack on an ongoing AU summit in 2010.

These are the facts which as nearly everyone know to be the irrefutable truths, but for delusional G7 there is nothing morally wrong to forsake national security concerns as long as it believes it will shorten its journey time to the Menelik Gibbi.   What a folly!

Ethiopia has no desire to be Eritrea’s clay-pigeon. 

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