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Ethiopia to host international congress on public health

Tigrai Online
April 08, 2012

The 13th World Congress on Public Health will be held in Ethiopian capital, Addis Ababa, from April 23-27, the Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) disclosed.

The congress which will be held under the theme “Moving towards Global Health Equity: Opportunities and threats” is expected to bring together some 3,000 public health researchers, experts, academics, scientists, educators, programmers, policy makers and student representatives from around the globe.

The Ethiopian Public Health Association (EPHA) on Friday gave training for local and international journalists to increase their understanding on the event.

The half day workshop gave guidance on how best the media can communicate to the public on health issues.

This is the first time for the conference to be held in Africa since 1997 when Tanzania hosted continent’s first public health international congress.

According to organisers, health related Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will be one of the top issues to be discussed as 2012 - the year by which they were supposed to achieved - is fast approaching.

Source Sudan Tribune

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