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Al-Shabab militant leaders and foot soldiers are fleeing to hideouts in Puntland mountainous

Tigrai Online
April 13, 2012

Militant leaders and foot soldiers from the militant group al-Shabab are fleeing to hideouts in a mountainous region of northeastern Somalia after facing increasing military pressure around Somalia's capital, the prime minister said in an interview Wednesday.

The northern flight to the Galgala Mountains in the semiautonomous Somali region of Puntland comes after months of increasing pressure on al-Shabab from the militaries of Uganda, Burundi, Ethiopia and Kenya.

"They are weakened. They are now in tatters. Their fighters are now moving to Galgala Mountains, which is an area with a very difficult terrain," Prime Minister Abdiweli Mohamed Ali told The Associated Press in an interview at the presidential palace. "Al-Shabab high officials are now also relocating to Puntland."

Galgala is an ancient mountain town in Puntland that serves as a key stronghold for militant fighters.


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