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Assosa University undertaking 260 mln Birr construction

Tigrai Online
April 16, 2012

Assosa University is striving to finish the first phase of construction at a cost of 260 million Birr, the university said.

University President, Dr.Tamiru Hirpo told ENA that the university has planned to finish the construction of 28 buildings that includes dormitories, class rooms, cafeteria and laboratories until the coming summer.

Efforts are underway in collaboration with the Ministry of Education to finalize the construction before the coming rainy season, he said.

The president said the University is enrolling 1,000 students of its maiden batch in Asosa Agricultural Technical Vocational Education and Training College temporarily.

The students are taking practical sessions in other universities.

University’s students Abebu Lema and China Gebru on their part said the University is providing enjoyable services in spite of being a beginner university.

Source ENA

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