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Ethiopian Air Force graduates 39 pilots, 201 technicians

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April 20, 2012

Ethiopian Air force new Graduates in April 2012 - Tigrai Online Prime Minister Meles Zenawi said building the capacity of the national defense force emanates from the country’s firm desire for peace and development.

He said missions of defending the nation from anti-peace forces have been successfully accomplished. The national air force on Thursday graduated 39 pilots and 201 technicians; the biggest in its history.

Chief of staff of the national defense force, Prime Minister Meles Zenawi handed over awards to outstanding graduates.

In his remarks, Meles said ensuring peace and stability is indispensable in order to sustain the growth registered so far.

To this end, a range of activities aimed at safeguarding the nation’s development from anti-peace elements have been underway.

“Activities aimed at building the capacity of our defense force will continue as the intention emanates from the nation’s firm desire for peace and development,” Meles said.

To this end trainings would continue in a more strengthened manner to produce disciplined military personnel who would undertake their mission with courage.”

Efforts are being exerted in building the capacity of the air force that has huge responsibility.

“Our air force uses state of the art fighter airplanes and needs to be strengthened to meet the ever growing standards in the sector,” the Premier said.

We have been doing everything possible to equip our air force to enable it produce qualified human power that would properly shoulder its responsibilities.”

Commander in chief of the national air force, major general Mola Hailemariam for his part said the air force is engaged in producing highly qualified human power. 

Source: ERTA News

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