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General Electric (GE) is poised to tap into Ehtiopian Market

Tigrai Online
April 22, 2012

General Electric Train Engine - Tigrai Online General Electric (GE), the U.S. giant, is poised to tap the opportunities that the Ethiopian government’s Growth and Transformation Plan (GTP) offers, according to knowledgeable sources. GE, which set foot in Ethiopia in 2007, is planning to partner in the nation’s grand railway project, as it does so in a number of countries around the globe.

The railway project, set to be executed both in Addis Ababa and across the nation, is one of the major elements of the GTP. The transnational railway line is part of the national railway project to link the major cities and towns in Ethiopia along eight corridors. It is estimated that the project will require a total of 173.6 billion birr to be completed.

GE plans to work with the Ethiopian Airlines once the national carrier receives its latest installment of the B787 Dreamliner from Boeing, which made a flight test here in Addis Ababa a few months ago.

GE will work with Ethiopian Airlines to enable the latter maintain its future fleet of B787 here in the premises of the airline, according to sources. 

The U.S. company plans to engage in the health sector as well, providing the latest technologies in the sector. It earns billions of dollars annually from the health sector worldwide.

According to information posted at its website, GE power generation equipment and technology is used to generate a quarter of the world’s electricity in the world.

Source: Ethiopian Reporter

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