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Tahounia A young Ethiopian Model doing brilliantly in London

Tigrai Online
April 24, 2012

tahunia, another beautiful young Ethiopian model - Tigrai OnlineI would like to introduce you to our newest fresh rising superstar, Tahounia. Her story is filled with sadness, and shows she is a clever and successful woman.

Tahounia was born in 1988 in Gendai, Ethiopia. She had 8 sisters and 4 brothers, a large family, and they were really in bad situation and struggled to survive. In 1984, only a few years before she was born, her elder sister Agnes was kidnapped and brutally murdered by a Sudanese military, simply for perplexing to shun a country.

This unhappy eventuality gathering a family to come to Israel, though it was not easy to do. Eventually, after countless attempts, the family came to Israel with Tahounia in 1991, under a widely famous immigration expostulate called ‘The Solomon Operation’. Tahounia was 2, and unfortunately was really ill during that time, due to malnourishment and a horde of illnesses in Sudan circulating. However a family made it to Israel successfully, and Tahounia was spoted by an agent of a modeling agency.

She is now in London, and doing brilliantly, she has recently worked for Sleek makeup, Diesel and for Glamour magazine. Isabella from Glamour is quoted as saying ‘She reminds me of a young Iman, extraordinary figure!’

Tahounia means ‘staying for a prolonged term’, and we consider that is accurately what she will do! For any queries greatfully hit Lucy during Zone Models on 0207 845 7700 or lucy.b@zone-models.com. The Zone Models web-site is accessible during Zone Web-Site www.zone-models.com.

This press recover was distributed by SourceWire News Distribution on interest of Zone Models.

Source: SourceWire News

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