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Eritrean president still alive but where was he for the past month

Tigrai Online
April 28, 2012

President Issayas looks sick but he is aliveBreaking News April 28, 2012 at 11:00amThe Eritrean dictator is not dead. He is responding live on Eritrean TV to the news that he is not alive or he is seriously sick. We will bring you the whole interview as soon as it is available keep checking with us. In short he said I am not sick. “I am lucky I don’t have any sickness” This is false propaganda by the enemy, it is a lie. How many times do I have to respond or appear on TV for this kind of lies he said.

He might have been under treatment outside of Eritrea and he is feeling better now so, he decided to calm dwon his supporeters. Remember he said this would happen again who knows if he would go back agan for his treatment for a long time.

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