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Who really is hiding behind the Ethiopian flag?

By Tigrai Online Editor
May 07, 2012

Ethiopian Opposition and Extremists hide behind the flag but they don't like it - Tigrai OnlineSince the 1990s when the current EPRDF party took power in Ethiopia, there has been countless political organizations coming and going to the Ethiopian political scene. Many of them were trying to take advantage of the Ethiopian people’s emotions and get to power. They came in variety of names, colors, shapes, and forms. All the parties if we can call them that had an agenda: Some want to bring back the old monarchy, some want to reinstall Mengistu Hailemariam in power, some want to destroy the Tigrai People's Liberation Front (TPLF), some want to bring back Eritrea to Ethiopia, Some want just to get the ports and some of them want to become a separate country.

The one factor that is common to all of the so called Ethiopian opposition groups and extremists is the unjustified animosity and hate towards the people of Tigrai. From the get go Shabiya and it’s cronies were at every corner organizing, training, arming and helping those groups to over throw the EPRDF government, because the Ethiopian people as a whole and particularly the people of Tigrai were on their way when they try to rob the county. Eritrean trucks were prevented from crossing to Eritrea through many points of Tigrai loaded with coffee and other commodity. The chauvinists and Shabiya had a grudge against the people of Tigrai and they started working together to undermine Tigrai. Many Ethiopians unknowingly were made tools of destruction to the benefit of the enemy. Even the very people who were considered second citizen in their own country in the old Ethiopia started joining the hate mongering bandwagon.

The extremists always try to hide behind a nationalistic issue, for example they cried that Ethiopia being landlocked. They tried to tell us we are doomed and Ethiopia won’t survive without ports and TPLF also by extension the people of Tigrai are to blame. In reality,  first the ports were sigined away by Menilek II (Treaty of Wichale Wichale, (May 2, 1889), pact signed at Wichale, Ethiopia, by the Italians and Menilek  of Shewa, whereby Italy was granted the northern Ethiopian territories of Bogus, Hamasen, and Akale-Guzai (modern Eritrea and northern Tigray) in exchange for a sum of money and the provision of 30,000 muskets and 28 cannons.) Following the death of Emperor Yohaness the IV Emperor Menilek signed more treaties in 1902, 1903, 1906 and 1908 effectively giving the northern half of Tigrai to Italy. Second, Ethiopia is doing fine without the ports and the only thing Ethiopia has lost is the bloodshed caused by the war in Eritrea and the threat of Eritreans to be treated in a special way or they would split the country. The EPRDF told them you can go your separate way and prosper, are they prospering? I will let you answer that question.

There were many emotional issues the so called opposition tired to manipulate like; Meles called the flag a piece of cloth, article 39 of the constitution is going to disintegrate the country and if we don’t use Amharic language in everything in Ethiopia the country will fall apart to mention some. The Ethiopian people slowly realized there was nothing going to happen to the country and started to pay attention on improving their lives but the destructive forces didn’t give up, in fact they increased their piousness propaganda, they even threatened to use force.

The ultimate and final try to take power by the extremists was in 2005. Using the election as a cover they tried to take over and change the constitutional order by force.  That didn’t work for them, actually it worked to their disadvantage. Their true identity was exposed for the Ethiopian people to see. They were a bunch of cowards, hungry for power and they would not stop at anything to get it but not willing to spill a drop of their own blood.

They are still trying to get the Ethiopian people to carry them to power. Every time something happens they are right there to add gasoline to the fire and make it a huge national issue. When the CUD leaders were arrested, when Siye was arrested, when Tedrose Kasahun (Teddy Afro) was arrested, when the Ethiopian army wiped out Al-Shabab in Somalia, when the foreign investors leased land, when the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam started, when the Wolkaite sugar farm started (the Waldba case) and now when the Ethiopian government is wedding the Al-Qedda terrorists from southern Ethiopia’s Muslim communities, who is right there trying to inflame it? Ginbot-7 and its comrades in arms Al-Qedda, Al-Shabab and Shabya are salivating hoping things would get out of control. Wrapping themselves with the Ethiopian flag, they are shading their crocodile tears on behalf of the Ethiopian people.

We should not be fooled by those wolves in sheep skin. They are the true enemies of the people of Ethiopia trying to bring an imaginable bloodshed and misery to our country. Don’t get caught up with the wrong fake crowd pretending to be standing for you, they are not, they are trying to manipulate you to get to power and then use and throw you. How on earth would the same group cry, EPRDF is destroying historical Waldba monastery and giving the country to Muslims and turn around EPRDF is killing Muslims in support of radical Orthodox Christians?

Here are some points to consider

I understand emotions run high on both sides of the political spectrum when it comes to some of the big issue we are talking about. The reason is we have not honestly talk about them in an open forum or stage. They are the taboo subjects that most of us are scared to talk about.

One thing that the EPRDF government didn’t do when it comes to the Eritrean issue was they didn’t let the Ethiopian people have their say.

Would the Ethiopian people have persuaded the Eritreans to drop their independence question? Did the Ethiopian people have international right to vote about Eritrean independence? Do we have international right to the ports of Assab and Batsei? If the ports belong to Ethiopia why don’t we have them? If you believe the Eritrean people can go their separate way, how do you go across all the land and claim the sea but not the land?

All the above questions have to be answered in cool level headed way. You can’t just jump up and down because something is beautiful, attractive and you can’t have it. We have to accept the bitter truth, Eritrea is gone forever and we can’t say we want bits and pieces of it because they are very important for us. If there is any legal claim, it has to be for the whole country or nothing. If you think there is a case to claim Eritrea please let us know the facts. To those Eritreans who are licking Gunbot-7's boots and coming here to divide Ethiopians, go to hell and burn.

Do I want Ethiopia to have it's own ports? YES, but how?

Last, don’t think for a second you can bash the people of Tigrai in any way shape of form in this website, you won't, if you try your posts will be deleted and you will be banned from the forum. You can disagree with my views but you have to do it in a mature respectful way or keep it to the coffee shops not in here. I brought this issue for us to have a lively discution about it not bash each other.

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