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War of attrition threatens to wreck Gimboat 7

By Dilwenberu Nega
May 18, 2012

According to the dissident “The Rectification Movement Group” of G7, (Ginboat7) the party faces a potentially implosive situation which it can only ignore at its own peril. In a Memo circulated to the rank and file, the Amharic full text of which has appeared on www.ethiopatriots.com, the Group presented an eye-popping expose’ of the prevalence of nepotism, cronyism and corruption within G7’s oligarchy.

In what must be music to the ears of EPRDFites, the Memo fires its fusillade of innuendoes, insults and criticisms on the movers and shakers of G7 who, it is to be remembered, had promised their gung-ho supporters four years ago a quick victory over the EPRDF government.  Taking Dr Birrhanu Nega’s word as gospel truth, thousands of gullible Ethiopians abroad chipped in their hard earned dollars and euro for a short-cut to Arat kilo. Four years on, however, with its terrorist tentacles chopped off by no nonsense anti-terrorist Ethiopian government, G7 is now reduced to a living dead.

While the Memo’s bazooka dealt a significant blow to the reputation of everyone who is anyone in G7’s leadership, its ‘Excocet’ missile was reserved for “Andy come in handy” (Isaias Afewrki’s endearing way of saluting Ato Andargatchew Tsiege when he arrives with cash in hand from London). The Memo heaps scorn and derision on Andy accusing him, among other treacherous deeds, of securing the release of his octogenarian father in exchange for submitting to Ethiopian security forces a list of the names of G7 members, of turning G7 into a robot for Isaias Afewerki’s terrorist activities inside Ethiopia and of forming an axis of evil with the so-called Oromo Liberation Front which is bent on “dismantling the Empire of Ethiopia” long after a federal system has replaced an empire.

The Memo questions the wisdom of parading at G7’s barnstorming sessions around the world, a politically verdant clown and a former cheer leader of trigger-happy Colonel Mengistu Haile Mariam, as “A Human Rights Activist” – Tamagne Beyene. The Party’s money, says the Memo, is used and abused to sustain the expensive life style of this parvenu who trumpets ad nauseam his loyalty to the ‘oppressed’ of Ethiopia. Just imagine for a moment, if you will, designer suit-wearing, one carat diamond ring-sporting and Hammer car- driving, Tamagne Beyene, ever representing the “oppressed of Ethiopia.” This must be a perfect example of a scoundrel’s folly!

We know do we not, that G7 members do not practice what they preach. Only fools expect dodgers to practice what they preach. Don’t accuse me of besmirching the ‘stellar’ characters of G7’s oligarchs, for I am not into smear and sneer. But the fact of the matter is that many in G7’s leadership are simple and straightforward dodgers, with the two midwifes of G7 ranking first and second respectively. Birhanu is a 2005 election win dodger while Andy is a struggle dodger.  

However, when it comes to saying one thing and doing something else, no one is outflanks journalist Abebe Belew. Week on week, Abebe has been deafening our ears with his anti-EPRDF diatribes and with his gloom and doom predictions on Ethiopia. So far so good, for this is what one expects from someone who harbours visceral hatred towards both the Prime Minister and the EPRDF government. But what smacks at the face of logic is Abebe’s campaign against the country he claims he is ready to die for – Ethiopia. His nonsensical and laughable “Don’t buy Ethiopian, and don’t travel to Ethiopia” campaign has made him the Dennis the Menace of the opposition-at-large. Thanks to the Group’s Memo, we now know he is another dodger – a reality dodger! The Group has unearthed a tightly guarded secret of Abebe Gelaw’s household. Can you believe it, but agile-tongued Abebe Gelaw and wife are in constructing an apartment complex in Addis Ababa – the destination he wants you and me to avoid like a plague.

The Memo has only vindicated what this scribe has time and again maintained – that all is not well in G7’s village. Don’t ever lose sight of the fact, therefore, that supporting a party of dodgers, clowns, cowards and scoundrels is a recipe for disaster.

Down with anti-peace forces!

Ethiopia floreat! – Let Ethiopia Flourish!

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