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Ethiopians Stage a Massive Rally in Support Of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Washington D.C.

By Tsehaye Debalkew
May 19, 2012

Suporters of PM Meles at the G8 submit at camp David in 2012In what is an amazingly brisk and massive turn out in the annals of Diaspora Ethiopians show of solidarity, a record high level of demonstrators numbering in their hundreds staged a huge rally in Washington D.C. in support of Prime Minister Meles Zenawi's apt leadership.

They praised the PM and his wise leadership team for pulling out Ethiopia from the quagmire of backwardness, famine and extreme poverty. The members of the Ethiopian Diaspora admired the Premier's smart and able stewardship in elevating Africa to the global pavilion, in a huge demonstration of support they held during the just concluded 3rd International Food Security Symposium at the Washington D.C., Ronald Regan building to-day May 18, 2012 where he took part in the colloquium as a guest of honor of President Barack Obama.

In the timely demonstration of support they held, the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora expressed their continued and extended readiness to be engaged in the nation- building drive currently in full swing. 

They re-iterated their staunch support for the clarion call made by the Ethiopian government recently through its Diaspora Policy initiative for the active partnership of the Ethiopian Diaspora community with the pious intent of benefiting themselves, and bolstering the Growth and Transformation Plan currently in motion.

The positive disposition exhibited by the government to address the special needs of the Diaspora and its readiness to facilitate their navigation in the investment friendly environment that currently obtains is indeed laudable, they underscored.

They also praised the commendable pledge by the Ethiopian government to continue engaging the Diaspora abroad with the explicit aim of creating the necessary propitious climate wherein it will accrue to its benefits and at the same time play its role in the nation building process.

The demonstrators reaffirmed that they steadfastly stand behind the correct policies of the EPRDF government and the Ethiopian people in their effort to transform the nation to be the bulwark of democracy, good governance, human rights, development and peace wherein the all-round rights of the nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia are respected and protected and the prevalence of justice and equality is ensured.

Solidarity with the PM and due support for his able and wise leadership " was the buzz word during the rally which in effect was a celebratory occasion staged in extending the unflinching support to the Ethiopian Premier who in league with his leadership team has drastically transformed the national image from that as the scourge of the world to a modern nation poised to enlist itself as a member of the middle income countries of the globe by the next decade.

Prominently cited measures during the rally that really define the current development scenario that Ethiopia has surely and certainly saddled itself on are the multi-billion-dollar 6,000MW, Grand Renaissance Hydro-electric Dam, which has no parallel in the entire African continent, the various sugar plantation and processing plants, the decade-long uninterrupted double-digit growth index registered and the extensive and huge network of railway webs.

The open street rally was punctuated by traditional songs, patriotic chants and pertinent slogans and a display of cultural musical extravaganza extraordinaire which was played by the demonstrators during the event highlighting the occasion that elated the participants who enjoyed the rally as a showcase of hope and diversity full of energy, enthusiasm and patriotism.

Some of the slogans hoisted by the attendees of the historic, political and patriotic rally were, "Diaspora Participation in Building the Grand Renaissance Dam Shall Be Enhanced",   " The  Resolve To Mitigate Poverty Shall Be Intensified With Our Partnership",  The Building Of a Constitutional Order Will Be Further Deepened",  " Meles! We Are Proud Of You",   " Meles!!  We Welcome Your Participation  @  The  G-8 Summit",  "We Support The Overall Development Of Our Country" " Meles Is The True Son Of Africa" , "Long Live Meles Zenawi", Diaspora For Peace And Development". 

The participants of the support rally hailed Premier Meles for his unstinting effort in elevating Africa to the global level by praising his skillful leadership and thanking him for his excellent performance and for a job well done.

The premier upon arrival at Washington D.C. Dulles International Air Port was accorded a red carpet official welcome wherein the national anthems of Ethiopia and the US were played with the two countries' national flags hoisted and a guard of honor saluted PM Meles Zenawi. 

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