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Ethiopia plays by the rules

By Geda Guda
May 20, 2012

The Mighty Ethiopian Blue Nile-Tigrai OnlineEthiopia has every right to use the Nile river waters for what ever it thinks is fit for its benefit, if the Egyptians don't like that tough luck for them.

For generations Ethiopia is known as a country for being ancient and the beginning of human race, as a historical place repeatedly referred by the holy bible and the holy Quran, as a holy land. It is a nation known as land of hope by the Rastafarian movement too, .... and so on. The other and the most wonderful part of history is its resistance against colonialism, and remaining as the only uncolonized country from Africa along with the newly formed state of Liberia. The valor and patriotism of its people puts Ethiopia as an insignia of liberty, for all black people in the world. It is a country that had a written law known as "Fitha Negest", since thousands of years. It is a country that had queens and kings starting from the ages before Christ, roughly estimated to go up to five thousand years. For that matter Ethiopia is the only nation in Africa with its own calendar and alphabets.

The whole world also knows Ethiopia as a major contributor to the Nile. In recent years Ethiopia was on news for being exposed to continuous drought, famine and starvation. Western journalists had their own political interest in weighing the facts and reporting it to the world. Some of them were using the occurrences to show their excolonies as if being independent and free is related to the seasonal famines. Mainly Ethiopia is famous for its generous people, the patriotic background and uncontested nationalism of its citizens, the pride and self containment of all governments, despite their domestic problems. Ethiopia is also the center for africa, towards realization of pan-africanism.

In recent years Ethiopia began using its resources towards liberating it's people from poverty and dependence. In the past seven years its economy consistently grew up at an average of 11% rate, which placed the country as one of the five fastest growing economies in the world. The Ethiopian government is the only government that have resisted to fully follow the interest and philosophy of IMF and world bank. The government told those people who lend money and want to nanny states, that the past practice is not acceptable, as it does not consider the facts on the ground. Hypothetical analysis of IMF on economic growth was nullified by the ethiopian government, by just using the theory of economics, in congruence with the objective reality in Ethiopia. I, author of this article honestly believe that the "risky" decision and stand of the government is the key factor for the transformation of the economy. Among the many incredible changes that Ethiopia has achieved in the previous few years, the most challenging and historical leap is the construction of the renaissance dam, on blue Nile. This river is one of the biggest reasons to the world wide campaign of defamation of Ethiopia, mainly by governments of Egypt and its colonizers.

The blue Nile that washes millions of tons of soil and precious materials towards Sudan and Egypt, is to be halted at the highland, to produce hydroelectric power for the direct benefit of Ethiopians and indirect advantage of all beneficiaries, including Sudan and Egypt. According to the study made over the past years and the press release of ethiopian high ranking officials, keeping the water in a dam on the highland has three major advantages for sudan and Egypt. Primarily it keeps more water with less probability of evaporation on the high land, that could be managed carefully to maintain water all year round to the lowlanders. The other importance is the possibility of controlling flooding during the rainy season in the lowland, and finally the possible purchase of relatively greener, reliable and cheaper electric power from Ethiopia. At the beginning of this sacred project many people, mainly confused politicians of Egypt and some other western journalists were disseminating false information as if Ethiopia is applying the rule of exclusive disjunction, which is neither the characteristic of its people nor the interest of the government.

Before the collapse of Mubarek's regime, some egyptian officials were trying to intimidate and divert the current attention of their people by telling untruthful and unjustifiable information, that led Egyptians to seasonal anxiety and panic, for fear of losing Nile water, which is the essential system that keeps the whole country alive. Ethiopians declared that the rule of the play on Nile is based on inclusive disjunction, with all factors that placed the interest and right of Egyptians to get their share on Nile, though it was easy for Ethiopia to work on contributing rivers of Nile and not talking about Nile at all. Ethiopia in principle have never played unfair games and it will never bind itself with such cunning strategies, of hurting and annoying others. The only goal is to reduce and eradicate poverty using all possible domestic resources, by being nice and fair to others.

Before the beginning of the construction of the dam, some words of egypt attacking Ethiopia were circulating, among the confused crowd from both countries. There was also a juvenile strategy by the fallen Egyptian regime, that trains forest fighters in Egypt. We know that Egypt is a country established on a wide desert, that will never be hoped to be turned in to a bush, in just few years and training soldiers that are capable of fighting in the bush, was a childish tactic of sending a signal of intimidation towards Ethiopia. The grave mistake of those less knowledgeable officials was thinking to intimidate Ethiopians at a state or individual level, for that matter.

I'd like to suggest to be friendly to any person, to take advantage of Ethiopians, even at individual level. As a culture Ethiopians are polite, honest and extremely friendly people, as long as they believe the existence of friendship. Other than that no one in the world can dominate or intimidate Ethiopians, by imposing force. It is just a delirium to think to intimidate Ethiopians. Still we don't buy that cheap and a lose lose strategy of few hypocrites. We have the pillar and the decisive power of Egypt, which is its great people as our friend. The need for construction of a historical dam in Ethiopia, using blue nile was decided neither to affect the interest of other beneficiaries, nor to take a political advantage, in the region. It was simply to fight our common enemy, which is poverty. It was unfair and unjust, for the egyptian government to worry about the formation of psychological discrepancy that could happen to the long lived belief of few Egyptians, when poverty is halting every movement of Ethiopians.

Blue Nile is "native" of Ethiopia and simply Ethiopia has indisputable right to use part of it to benefit its people. At one time there was an agreement that was signed between the beneficiaries of Nile, excluding Ethiopia, which is the major contributor to the river. That was before the age of the emergence of the paradigm shift, in the whole world. Now it is time for oppressed people of the world to deny and defy games of imbalance, and exclusion, played by colonizers, and nanny states. Any agreement entered to use the Nile water in the absence of contributing countries is null and void, as justified through the fundamental principles of natural law, or common sense.

According to the construction guide lines of the renaissance dam, of Ethiopia, every effort will be placed towards its successful completion, having the above stated rules of symbiosis and mutualism, as a pillar to the view and belief of all Ethiopians. Other than the already settled issue of Egyptians, I am highly concerned to see the so called oppositions, using it as a point of argument to speak against their "counterparts", in the political system of Ethiopia. Most of the opposition in Ethiopia believe that this dam has nothing to do with political rivalry. However those who are in the diaspora, want to politicize everything in order to confuse their "innocent cliques".

They said that the construction of such a huge dam, which was an outcry of a country, for centuries, is to benefit the "Woyanes". Some stupids analyzed it as a means to continue ruling and dictating the country. Here is the paradox streamed out of a mind filled with politics of hatred. I believe that buying new artilleries, fighter jets, and training more sophisticated army and security forces is the right way for a government that wants to dictate its people and to silence oppositions. According to their explanation I realized that the "Woyanes" are fools, if they think spending every single penny towards producing electricity and fighting against poverty.

I want to see the right meaning of this highly contradicting theory of the opposition. People in the current government are not eternal. I believe that they know very well about the mortality of human being. They shouldn't also put that amount of domestic resource towards building a dam, if they have an intention of ruling the country by force, forever. That is what dictators do. The reason why Ghadafi deposited more that one hundred ninety billion wealth of Libyans abroad, was to get the ultimate power that enables him to be life long president. If he had an intention to benefit his people the money would be invested towards the prosperity of Libya. That is what Mubarek did to maintain his endless will for power. In this case the oppositions in the diaspora are losers. They do not weigh the balance of probability to tell their gangs the danger of building dam on Nile.

As an Ethiopian who loves his people and his country, I don't mind if Mussolini resurrects and wants to build another dam that benefits my people. It is upsetting to hear people who have never contributed anything to my country, trying to undermine the effort and success of our people. It is a historical crime for them to go door to door holding a petition that calls for banning of food crops, medicines, and other vital materials to save the poor, in Ethiopia, when it's people face famine and starvation. Those people are insane and irresponsible, when they render any decision against our people. Ethiopia no more needs outspoken and sophists. It needs someone who faces all challenges together and that works to change its future by using all possible means. Being eloquent does not equal to being smart, in the modern society. Eloquence in the absence of input is simply an implied mischief. As a politically neutral, and lover of his country, how can I trust people who work and demonstrate to stop donations for the poor, to be good willing people? I must be dead to allow such mischievous criminals to play any role in the politics of my country. I better vote for any ethiopian who loves the country even if he/she is naive in politics. The meekness and the un-compromised love for their people will rule the country towards success.

As an ethiopian I have huge differences with the outlooks of the "Woyanes". Sometimes I even think that I don't like them. That's why I preferred to reside in the diaspora by just providing my relatives back home with financial support. Thanks to the advancement of technology, I call them repeatedly and my relatives are not pessimistic about the future of my country. They believe that this time is different from all times in their life. They never deny the inflation and the impact of accumulated poverty. However almost all of them speak about the existence of undeniable progress, in all aspects of their life. Their kids have a nearby high schools and universities, so that there is no need to sell their cattle to send their kids to school, like what they did to educate me. Their family receive basic health care service in their village. The government does not recruit their children for military service. They are not robbed and intimidated by any person or group, they can say what ever they think and they don't go to jail for their views. In this particular issue my dad said " I don't like the cadres of Woyane. Because they let you talk in meetings and they have answer for almost everything. I was known for challenging many people before, now I am defeated by the tiny, cadres of Woyane. Thanks God, at least I can speak anything I want and I go back to my family with out fear. I think such an action would lead me to be imprisoned, and tortured during the derg regime. Thanks God, we live in peace and hope". I think the not educated father of mine is more conscious than those who dream to lead my country with an agenda drafted on politics of hate.

I know some people who are active members of the so called opposition in the diaspora. I asked them why they don't invite me all the times. One of them told me that they don't associate with people who speak any positive term about the current ethiopian government. The other wanted to to tell me in pretense that I am viewed by their party, as a religious man who doesn't want to deal with politics. Only one honest guy told me that people of my ethnic origin are not mostly encouraged to join the opposition. I told him that people of my ethnic group constitutes probably half of the country's population, and asked him saying "if you are working to help Ethiopia, is that fair and practical to alienate people of my type from getting a chance to participate?. Isn't that discrimination against people, because of their ethnic origin? Do you think you can succeed to stand up in front of all Ethiopian people, having this dangerous and nomadic agenda?" ... Many many questions. He didn't answer any of my questions. Instead he decided to leave the scene, in resemblance to a thief.

Those people never invite people who are rational and those who do not believe in giving zero percent to everything. At the same time they classify people as enemies, because of their ethnic origin or their association to the ethnic group they are afraid of. The good news is they do not make a deal at any level. They start discussion and they end up with chaos, filled with insult, words of disrespect and sometimes physical violence. Those people who are not capable of running a discussion in a civilized manner are dreaming to lead and transform my country, in to a better nation. It makes me laugh. I believe they know that they won't make it, but they can collect funds, from their misled cliques, and sometimes from people of the past regime, residing in the diaspora, in disguise.

Finally I would like to advise them at least to say thank you to the courageous people of Ethiopia, instead of working against its benefits. They need to transform themselves in to good citizens before dreaming to lead a country of eighty five nations and nationalities. With their divisive and dangerously ethnic politics, Ethiopia would go in to complete disintegration, if there was any possible chance to bring those people in to power. The good news is they are incapable of surviving as a party and as valid opponents. Wether they believe it or not, they support it or not ... The renaissance dam is becoming reality. Ethiopia will continue to deal with all domestic resources, having a clear game with clear playing rule, which is Inclusive Disjunction.

Geda Guda gedaguda@yahoo.ca
from Canada

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