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Demented heckler

By Berhane Kahsay
May 20, 2012

Demented heckler - Tigrai OnlineWhy is Abebe Gellaw asking for Eskinder Nega’s freedom? Abebe Gellaw knows they belong to the same terrorist group, Ginbot-7. Abebe Gellaw blew his members cover in the world stage. 

The minority Diaspora ‘’grouping’’ is definitely in a terminal decline. It’s losing support in droves and only the hardcore Dergists are still barking like wild dogs.  Millions of dollars collected from their gullible followers are being lavishly spent on visionless and clueless individuals who are leading them into the abyss. New factions no better than the previous once are  appearing on daily basis and they are fiercely competing for the few lucrative ‘pitches’ available out there like the Italian mafias used to do. Coercion, threat of violence, blackmail and ostricization are employed to silence their dwindling supporters who bravely speak out. Public meetings are routinely disrupted by diehard mobs high on banned substances.

No coherent alternative political programme is put forward by the so called miniscule ‘grouping’’ to extricate our country from abject poverty. Those who are working hard day and night to improve the lives of their own people are vilified and called by all sorts of names under the sun. The current leader of Ethiopia has, in a short span of time, transformed the image of the country beyond recognition. Ethiopia is now the 5th fastest growing economy in the entire world, and it is also at the top of the league of none-oil producing African nations that are performing miracles in all sectors. Ethiopia has become the envy of the world; the people are proud of it; they have great respect and admiration for their visionary democratically elected leader. The embarrassingly minority Diaspora ‘’grouping’’ can shout and scream for eternity as that is the only thing they are good at and nothing else.  They inherited this and other traits from their forefathers who connived with foreign invaders for just few thousand Lire. 

The Prime Minister is resilient and is not the slightest bit perturbed by demented hooligans and hecklers. The man is not for turning no matter what. In case they need reminding, it was PM Meles who led an organisation that destroyed the largest army in Africa in just 17 years. It was also the PM who constructed a Defence Force from a scratch that managed to place Shabyia in a quagmire in a mere two years where successive Ethiopian leaders failed to do in 30 years. He is made of still and cannot be deflected from his resolute determination to  transform Ethiopia further and make it the hub of investment for multinationals such as Tesco ,Wal-Mart, Diego, SAB Miller, Heineken, BGI, to name but a few. These big investors are solely attracted by the opportunities that exist in a peaceful, democratic and stable Ethiopia. Of course the tiny ’’ grouping’’ would like to portray the opposite in order to scare away investors, there by preventing employment opportunities that would have been available for their own destitute people. Any discord, however small it may be, is magnified beyond all proportions to suite their grand design of creating havoc and upheaval that could eventually lead to the disintegration of Ethiopia. 

The toxic minority Diaspora is laden with opportunists of the highest order and latch on any sensitive matters that could clock them few political mileages. Overnight, they have become supporters of the Muslims who used to despise and consider as second class citizens in their own country for many years. In cahoots with the fundamentalists on the payroll of Saudi Arabian Wahabists, they foolishly attempted to challenge the government that was elected to power only a couple of years ago. Nearly a million Muslims have been congregating in Awalai and Anwar mosques for the last twelve weeks asking for a fair election to the leadership of the Muslim council. Futile efforts by very few extremists linked to Al-Qaida and the toxic Diaspora, to politicise a legitimate request for accountability and transparency within the Muslim Council, has completely fizzled out thanks to the way it was handled by the government. Also the vast majority of ordinary Muslims who have benefited immensely since the EPRDF came to power, refused to be party to the hardened extremists ultimate wish of creating  animosity and discord with their Christian compatriots.   

The Prime Minister of Ethiopia successfully hosted the World Economic Forum that was attended by many Heads of State, academics and representatives of gigantic multinational companies that are expressing huge interests in investing in Africa in general and Ethiopia in particular.  Shortly after, he made his way to the US to attend the G-8 meeting at the invitation of President Obama and received a very warm welcome not only from US officials but from hundreds of Ethiopians residing in Washington as well. The American business community will no doubt have an audience with the PM to discuss the wide investment opportunities prevalent in agriculture, mining, hospitality, infrastructure including rail network development, retailing and other important sectors.  While the great son of Ethiopia is giving his utmost to make his mother land prosperous, the few uncivilised and uncultured sons and daughters of Menelik, who nearly brought Ethiopia to its knees, are vainly trying to deflect him from making this a reality. The man who regularly rubs shoulders with the likes of Obama, Cameron, Merkel, Hollande to name but a few, is used to winning and it is certain the winning streak will continue until poverty is defeated and the riff-raffs are tossed to the dust bin. 

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