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PM Meles Zenawi in G-8 meeting DC video May 18 2012

The real deal

Tigrai Online, May 22, 2012

Esatoch tried to manipulate the video of the Prime Meles Zenawi and Abebe Gellaw to show how the so called journalist shouted down the Ethiopian Prime Minister, oh no that is not how it went down. The reality is totally different but in this day and age you can make a rabbit appear from a thin air as they say and esat “hawi” internet so called TV is exactly what they did.

Watch how it went down from the real fideo

Esat's internet television studios where the cook the lies nad spread hateThere you see yewshet Esatoch in their so called television studio, if you can call a basement room a TV studio? This is where all the hate mongering and poisonous propaganda is cooked.

The truth is light, Ethiopians know the truth about what is going on in basement dark rooms

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