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Dear fellow citizens, What is ESAT's agenda?

Amora Hayelom Meles (hayelomr@gmail.com), May 28, 2012
Amsterdam, Netherlands

Daispora extreme internet television esat is a play ground of Ginbot-7
Daispora extreme internet television esat is a play ground of Ginbot-7

Dear fellow citizens,

I always read the articles, newsletters, and sayings written and posted by majority Diaspora Ethiopians especially those who serve for and with the Ethiopian Satellite Television service (ESAT). To begin with I am sorry to say but I found ESATís agenda to be non sense. May be the objective of the ESAT is to create job opportunities for those who don't like to work. Hence, they used to urinate over the back of their people; they used to have everything they want by capturing from the poor Ethiopian farmers when they were higher, medium and lower officials and administrators in Ethiopia in the dergue regime. For that reason, They don't want to work and get income. They don't even want to see Ethiopia developed as they mistakenly think they will not go back to the place where they used to belong. They donít have vision that Ethiopia may one day in the future be better than the countries they are staying currently.

If we were really a positive thinker Ethiopians, There would not be difficulty in understanding that everything is now peace in Ethiopia. All Ethiopians are working day and night in a heart-to-heart and friend-to-friend way regardless of differences in religious, ethnicity, politics and the like. However, it is clear to understand that our mother country has lots of financial problem and lack of skilled professionals. Hence, itís because of you some of Diaspora Ethiopians that the country started heading up and improving its economy. But, insignificant as compared to other countries. So, my Question is that should we have to clump now our hands for those who are trading for their own sake on the name of our mother country, our beloved people and in the name of we ourselves? Wouldn't it be meaningless to help for few individuals who are destabilizing our country and people? Should we have to destabilize our country by standing on the side of Ginbot -7 & Esayas regime (doesnít necessarily mean Eritreans to whom I have love and respect)? Leave alone Esayas regime, even the well respected and developed countries such as USA and EU donít want the straight forward democratization and development of our country. No country has been found in history to be positively helper to the right democracy and development track as long as my psychology and experience is concerned. Each and every country and its leader support others for the sake of its country and/ or oneself.

It is now time to get organized not to destabilize our country and people like the doings of Dr.Berhanu Nega, Abebaw Gelaw ,ONLF & OLF. It's rather time to stand in one track; itís time to discuss each other without the interference of out siders. It's time to read our history from which we can learn lots of things that help us to know our yesterday identity globally as well as regionally so that they will play their role in our future togetherness and development. Itís now not time to going back like some of our previous leaders did....as a result of which we have been remained one of among the poorest back warded people in the world.Remember! From one of the front few countries going to least rank! And it was our own Shit! I am still afraid of that shit may one day come back if we broadcast false and biased and electrifying agenda. Please Tigraionline, Ethioforum., VOA (Partially) and the like donít fed up with your effort... you have lots of followers and I think you may let people know what they have to know thereby influencing them in order to think broadly and wisely. Keep doing great.

Dear Ethiopians in Abroad!

May we all Ethiopians, from every corner of the world and all walks of life, ask and inspect ourselves without any external interruptions?

May we all Ethiopians, from every corner of the world and all walks of life, have time when we all, each other, can discuss heart to heart and face to face?

White People say that the vital tool to bring about Political, economical and social and thereby overall Development in a given Country is EDUCATION and the way through which more education or knowledge is induced to the people is via DISCSSION. Do we like to discuss each other?

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