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Ethiopians in UK give the thumbs-down to UDJ’s call for anti- May 28th demo

Dilwenberu Nega, May 28, 2012

Ethiopians in UK give the thumbs-down to UDJGone are the days when London was hotbed of anti-Ethiopia intrigue and demonstration, producing disciples of the politics of hate. This state of affairs has now, of course, become bed time story books for children aged 10 years and under.

Two factors played primordial role for the victory of the common good over party political interests.

Firstly, it is the willingness the Ethiopian community-at-large in the United Kingdom has demonstrated in separating Ethiopia’s domestic politics from the love and attachment they all have for Ethiopia. They, therefore, garnered the courage to liberate themselves from ‘herd mentality’ and become masters of their own destiny rather than become the stepping stones for the destiny of greedy politicians.

Secondly, the work carried out by the flagship of Ethiopian embassies in Europe to get the community on board is yielding the desired dividends: more Ethiopians now than ever before stand up for Ethiopia, do business with Ethiopia and invest in Ethiopia. Its efforts at, is as commendable as it is exemplary.

The mere fact that the Embassy of FDRE in London is leading the race in the sale of GERD Bond in Europe, is proof of the success of its all pervading out-reach work which is carried out by the Embassy’s dedicated accredited and non-accredited staff.

Today a wind of change is blowing in the Ethiopian community as thousands deserted the camp of the toxic diasporas by rejecting the rejectionists. This is a healthy development which every decent Ethiopian must foster. No one dares to argue that opposing EPRDF constitutes a crime or a sin. But, it certainly is wrong and irresponsible to harbour ill-will to the Motherland, let alone work in cahoots with Ethiopia’s traditional enemy to dismantle the Motherland.

In this regard, the low turnout, not to say the no-turnout, to the much publicized “Call for an anti-May 28th Demonstration outside the Embassy of FDRE in London”, today, also goes to highlight UK Ethiopians’ apathy to anti-this-and-anti-that-demonstrations which satellite opposition parties call for in London. Even Isaias Afewerki’s lapdog, Andargatchew Tsiege, could not hide his frustration of the futility of anti-EPRDF demonstrations in London by taking his anger at London’s Metropolitan Police and declaring “Downing Street has become Woyane Street!”

Only five baffled-looking demonstrators – 3 men and 2 women –  braved Monday’s scorching heat to voice UDJ’s opposition to the fruits of May 28th. Hugely embarrassed by the low turn-out of demonstrators, even the five demonstrators decided to cut short their stay opposite the Embassy and retire home. Who knows, they too, like Andargatchew Tsiege before them, might have declared: “Princes Gate has become Ethiopia Gate!”

This epitomises how inconsequential satellite opposition parties in the United Kingdom have become. Why not, instead,   join the anti-poverty bandwagon; you have nothing to fear than fear itself.

Many happy returns of the day, Ethiopians! 

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