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Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation will produce 50MW from Repi-Koshe Addis Ababa

Tigrai Online , June 05, 2012

Addi Ababa Koshe
The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation will produce 50MW of power out of the refuse Addis Abeba accumulated for half a century at the Repi Waste disposal Koshe.

The Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCO) is taking a loan of 1.78 billion Br to produce 50MW of power out of the refuse Addis Abeba accumulated for half a century at the Repi Waste disposal, commonly known as Koshe.

This is the first of its kind for Ethiopia and a further diversification in power supply for the authority which already is working on two wind farms on borrowed money amounting to 411 million dollars (about 7.3 billion Br at current exchange rate), with another 4.45 billion Br likely to be added to it, if a third wind farm at Assela, whose feasibility study is to be undertaken on borrowed money of one million dollars, is to proceed.

EEPCO signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Cambridge Industries, a UK company, last week for the project that could involve garbage collection, treatment and ultimate conversion to electricity. 

The money has been obtained as a low interest loan, according to Misikir Negash, head of public relation of the Corporation.

The 47ha Koshe site, which is surrounded by residential areas, which receives 1,500 cubic metres of waste daily, is now in the process of closure, with a much larger 134ha area under preparation in Legetafo area.

EEPCO, Misikir said, has requested the city administration to give it seven hectares out of Koshe’s 47ha for the establishment of the power generating plant. The plant will use 75tn of waste daily for the targeted power.

The feasibility study which EEPCO and Cambridge Industries have conducted for this project has considered collecting waste countrywide.

When this project is completed, it will be halfway to the government’s plan of generating 103.5MW from biogas by the end of the Growth & Transformation Plan (GTP) period in 2014/15. The long range plan is generating 626.7MW by 2030, according to the data from Ministry of Water & Energy (MoWE).

A detailed feasibility study has been conducted company along with the corporation. The plan of the corporation is to bring all wastes from all corners of the country to the power generation plant, according to Miskir. He says that this is an indication of the green course the country’s power sector is following.

Source: Addis fortune

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