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Abebe vs Abebe the truth is lost in the middle

Tigrai Online
June 07, 2012

Abebe Gellaw vs Abebe Gellaw -Tigrai OnlineAbebe Gellaw is not telling the truth when he is talking about his encounter with Prime Minister Meles Zenawi in Tanzania in 2010. Listen to him on both videos and judge for yourself.

Look for this facts please
Abebe says he addressed the prime minister as honorable Prime Minister "Kibur"
That is a lie, he just said my question is directed at Prime Minister Meles Zenawi he didn't say honorable. He can address him as he wish but he should stick to the truth.

Abebe says when he started to ask his question two body guards came and stood behind him That is a lie there was no one behind him the whole time.

Abebe says the Prime minister didn't answer his question. He avoided it by talking for 15 minutes about something that is not related to Ethiopia or talking about Mengistu and Hailesilasie. That is a lie Meles answered the questions supporting his answer with historical facts.

We are not defending Prime Minister Meles Zenawi; but, we are questioning the motive behind the lies or distorting of facts thinking that people won't remember what happened two years ago, well we do remember and thanks to technology the facts are right there.

We chopped the videos so you don't have to waste your time but if you have the time to watch the whole videos, please feel free and listen the whole videos by clicking the youtube button on the videos.
The above video in 2010 at the World Economic Forum in Tanzania

The above video in June 2012 interview

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