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Complexity of the journey

Geda Guda from Canada, June 08, 2012

Time the biggest factor in shifting the paradigm, of societal outlooks and standardized philosophies, may not always depend on essence, or necessarily follow the proverbial pattern or process. Time the concept, or the process has just shown us dynasties scrambling, dictators surrendering, politicians wandering on uncertainty and so on. For those who have the insight, the ticking clock is noisy way louder than the actual tiny sound. I believe huge events are pre-signalled by simple signs, like the ticking of the clock. Wise are those who have the visualization of the future, and those who are capable of taking advantage, of opportunities brought to them, by time.

I have no intention of lecturing readers, on the aptness of time, which had already been told by King Solomon, thousands years ago. My warm up is to say my silly say on the Renaissance Dam and other attainments of my beloved country. When I heard about the gestation of the project on Nile, I said "It is true, even if it doesn't become an instant reality now, once it is brought in to life, at any level there will irreversible potential for its fulfillment, as long as the wish and the will is there, in the heart of Ethiopians”.

Anything that is entrenched on the right time, in the right place and by the right people, despite tests on its early stage, it is always capable of following its natural path to completion, through its own metamorphosis. To become undisputed reality it didn't require the blessing of Egypt or any other country. Instead it was vital to maintain fertile ground that feeds the embryo to grow up to become a complete existence.

Trying or even thinking to interrupt such a useful process would neither create a status-quo nor bring back the symbiosis that Ethiopia is committed to assure to our brothers, in Sudan and Egypt. For generations, Ethiopia was denied the position of being considered as a subject of interest when 80% + of Nile water is understood to come out of it’s land. The extreme unjust act of countries like Egypt, its companions and its post colonial nannies is denial of Ethiopia's rights, to attend any conversation about Nile even as a third party. Time the almighty brought, a reality that could not be discussed, in a state of mind that speculated, planned and implemented colonialism. That state of mind is now in graves everywhere, in the vaults of Mussolini, Hitler and all fascists and invaders. It was the will of the devil that led leaders of most European countries to the situation of 1940s. That jungle law is virtually null and void, at the beginning of a new and better century, when things are dealt, with honesty, equity and civility.

The legacy of colonialism is war, instability, corruption and Ofcourse identity crises, too. Now the world is not in the darkness of the philosophy ran by the generation of the League of Nations. That time's ideology had planted time bombs all over the innocent planet, and it is exploding on every corner.. It reminded governments who were thinking that their foundation is built on a solid ground, to examine their phantom security again and again.

The recent stirring with in the Arab world is also the continuation to the revelation of the decomposed part of history, which deserves to be cut off. It is the beginning to the end of the dark era, which was placing a blur over the long lived shiny history and civilization of their people.

Thanks to the advancement of technology, the new generation stepped ahead to question and defy “traditional thinking” that was used to halt the good will of generations. Despite the usual presence of generation conflict, such a movement was welcomed and supported by the majority middle age and elderly people, in all countries with Arab springs. The vast mobilization towards change definitely confirms the maturity of the subjective thoughts, or social consciousness. With its pros and cons, still the move has a very powerful message towards the oppressed and oppressing people all over the world. The world should get a good lesson to adjust itself with reality.

Not to forget my topic I’d like to remind my fellow citizens, how the Mubarek regime was desperate to divert public attention by fabricating wrong news about the deeds of Ethiopia on Blue Nile. The regime escalated its fear tactics up to training soldiers who are capable of fighting in forests or any topography, like Ethiopia. They know how impossible it is to attack Ethiopia, unless they were plotting on political suicide, upon their own regime. However, they did it with an intention of cooling down the public anger, in Egypt. The majority of Egyptians are smart people in resemblance to Ethiopians. It did not took them a while to defy that silly and cynical approach.

Officials of that regime were propagating as if Ethiopia is standing against the national interest of their country. If they were smart enough, they should have woke up from their illusive world to think the opposite. The safety and prosperity of Egypt is directly associated to Ethiopia’s National Interest. When Egypt is in good shape, Ethiopia could extend its electric power to simply increase its budget, from the sales of this green energy. Ethiopia wishes to see peaceful neighbors, with governments who are capable of answering the basic questions of their citizens.

Ethiopia worked for the assertion of freedom for all oppressed people in Africa, by being one of the very few founders of OAU and still is hosting and providing sustainable support to The African Union. With new face and advancement it will continue to assure the presence of the fabric that was knitted by its people, for long time. Many countries do not understand the role Ethiopia plaid for the emergence of Africans, specially the black nations.

Recently it declared war against poverty, and its allies, by putting a realistic, plausible, acceptable and practicable strategy, with minimized controversy, in the process of implementation. As a matter of fact, every effort in this world comes with a sort of controversy. Ethiopian leaders know very well about this near to universal truth phenomenon. I don’t think they were worried about controversy too. When I see the objective reality, I learnt that they were working on a clear mind that encourages the minimization of controversy, which by connotation equals to fairness.

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