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A Major Historic Event pertaining to the Grand Renaissance Dam being staged to-day in Washington D.C

Tigrai Online
June 10, 2012

Press Release by the Grand Renaissance Council of Washington D.C and its Environs,

A high- level Ethiopian delegation led by Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister and Chairman of the National Renaissance Council, Haile Mariam Desalegn is on hand as the guest of Honor at this historic event staged by the Grand Renaissance Council of Washington D.C. and its Environs. This auspicious occasion is meant to mark the successful premier showcasing of the purchase of Bonds by Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans residing in the Nation's Capital Metropolitan hub.  

The event is set to highlight  the all-round participation by Ethiopians and Ethiopian Americans domiciling in the D.C. Metro Area in the realization of the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam, Africa's first 6000 MW Power House.

Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans have demonstrated a great enthusiasm to purchase bonds to contribute their share and put their finger print in this historic undertaking and an all-out drive currently in full gear in Ethiopia. The Grand Renaissance Dam   project is destined to elevate the nation to a higher level of industrialization by putting it in par with other middle income nations of the Globe in the not too distant future and boost the electrification in the country shortly.

This patriotic sense of belongingness to the motherland is epitomized by the vision and far-sightedness  demonstrated by the members of the Ethiopian Diaspora in the voluntary race to put their imprint as the generation nourished by the deep love of Ethiopia and its people whose stewardship in owning the project has been exemplary.

The occasion shall certainly buttress the already far-reaching and gainful effort by the majority of the Diaspora Ethiopians who whole heartedly support the current effort to root out poverty from the face of our nation.

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