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Ethiopia will host AU summit in July after Malawi threaten to arrest President Omar Al-Bashir

Tigrai Online
June 12, 2012

President Omar Al-Bashir of Sudan
President Al-Basher of Sudan

Ethiopia will host the AU summit in July 9th  2012 after Malawi’s threat of arrest to the Sudanese leader Omar Al-Bashir on the grounds of the international criminal court warrant. Malawi as member of the ICC is under obligation to arrest him.  

The AU moved the summit to Addis Ababa after Malawi refused to host president Oman Al-Bashir of Sudan.

Malawi’s president Joyce Banda said her country would not host the summit if President Omar Al-Bashir insisted on coming to attend in Malawi. Al=Bashir has an outstanding warrant from the international criminal court and any member country should arrest him on their soil or they would be reported to the UN Security Council. Malawi was reported to the UN Security Council last year for not arresting Bashir when he was given a red carpet welcome at the regional trade summit.

Malawi does not want to anger the donor countries which provide it with up to 40% of its annual budget. The African heads of states decided in 2009 to ignore the International Criminal Court request to arrest president Al-Bashir because it will make it difficult to solve the multiple Sudanese conflicts.

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