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Eritrean terrorist pleads guilty to aiding Somalia's al-Shabab

Tigrai Online
June 14, 2012

al shabab
Mohamed Ibrahim the Eritrean man who pleaded guilty on Wednesday got his training from Al-Shabab in Somalia

A 38 year old Eritrean national who paid over $3000.00 dollars to the al Qaeda affiliate terrorist group Al-Shabab pleaded guilty on Wednesday to receiving military training in Somalia.

Mohamed Ibrahim told the FBI he left his home in Sweden in 2009 and went to Somalia to train for jihad. He was arrested in Nigeria in March 2010 and transferred to New York to face charges for his terrorist activities. He has been held without bail since he arrived in the United States of America.

He pleaded guilty in Manhattan federal court and he admitted that he knew the USA considered the Al-Shabab group as a terrorist when he was in Somalia.

“Mohamed Ibrahim Ahmed traveled a long way from his home in Sweden to Somalia, where he took up the cause of al-Shabab, a deadly terrorist organization and sworn enemy of the United States and its people,” said Manhattan U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara.

He will be sentenced on November 2, 2012 and he might get up to 10 years prison time.

This amputated hand belongs to an 18 years old Somali kid. His hand was cut off by Al-Shabab in 2010 in central Somalia

The Eritrean man was not in Somalia getting training on weapons and other terrorist tactics, he was also there to learn how to implement Shania Islamic law. The above amputated hand belongs to an 18 years old kid from Somalia hwo was found guilty of stealing and his hand amputated by Al-Shabab in 2010 in central Somalia. The radical, jihadist, wahbist and extremist groups want to bring this to our beloved country Ethiopia. We should fight this horrible backward people with whatever we have.

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