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Invest in the Ethiopian booming economy; don't stand on the side and a golden business opportunities pass you by

Have you invested in the booming Ethiopian economy?

Topic of Discussion

By Tigrai Online
June 16, 2012

Have you thought of investing in Ethiopia? There is a call for the Diaspora Ethiopians worldwide to participate in the Five Year Development Plan known as GTP. If you have invested, what was your experience? If you have not, why have you not? Are there any hurdles and obstacles in investing in Ethiopia that are preventing you from doing so? If so, what are the problems that exist? What would you ask the Ethiopian Authorities regarding this issue?

Please respectfully express yourself, especially if you have hands on experience bad or good in Ethiopian business let it out. Only those who have constructive ideas about investing in Ethiopia need to comment. If you don't have experience on this don't comment on this page. We will delete any comments that are not about investment so, don't waste your time and ours.

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