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Gibe III hydroelectric power construction progress video report

By Tigrai Online, June 19, 2012

The prophets of gloom and doom are still preaching their hate and destruction propaganda every single day. The priests of darkness never take a break they are determined to keep Ethiopia poor, divided and begging for wheat flour and our people are working to transform our country in to self reliant prosperous middle income country, which side are you on?

A development is a development, there is no Haileslasie's development, there is no Mengistu's development, and there should not be Meles's or EPRDF's development. It is just Ethiopian development. When Mengistu was in power he achieved some great things one of them spreading education to the masses, when he fled to Zimbabwe did he take that development with him? No he didn't. Those who got education at that era are still reading and writing.

The point is the mega projects that are being carried out by the current government are the properties of the Ethiopian people they are not EPRDF's, Meles's or Woyane's. Let us build them; should the EPRDF government fall apart, they would still be Ethiopian mega projects serving our people for a long time to come.

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