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Chicago Inaugurates an Event of Purchase of Bond Towards the Grand Renaissance Dam

Tigrai Online, June 21, 2012

Patriotic Ethiopians and Ethiopian- Americans residing in and around the  Metropolitan Area of the city of Chicago held a fund raising event  by purchasing bonds  channeled towards the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam amounting over$ 110, 000 at the Diamond restaurant last weekend.

It was stated that it was a showcase event for other places in the Mid-West area that culminated in the first practical contribution by Ethiopians and Ethiopian-Americans in the area during the welcoming speech delivered by Ato Berhane Misganaw Kassa, Chairman of the Renaissance Council of the vicinity.

The Chairman apprised the crowd that the event  highlighted  the all-round participation by Ethiopians and Ethiopian- Americans  in the Chicago Metro Area in the realization of the building of the Grand Renaissance Dam which is hugely expected to positively spur  the impact of Ethiopia' development agenda.

The Chairman of the Chicago Area Renaissance Council briefed the congregation of the activities undertaken by the leadership team and the entire members who have been relentlessly toiling for the last few months since the offing of the project to make the event a success and thanked all who at this historic juncture have successfully and untiringly done their job.

A power-point presentation which agitated the audience followed by an active and heated question and answer session was made on the occasion by the event's guest of honor, Ambassador Mulie Tarekegn, Deputy Chief of Mission of the Embassy of Ethiopia who is also in Charge of Diaspora Community Affairs.

The Ambassador revealed the multifarious task made by pertinent government authorities   who dwelt on an all-round pre-execution plan before the actual start of the implementation of the project.   Ambassador Mulie on the occasion explained to the audience the far-reaching national significance and individual benefits that accrue from the purchase of bonds. 

Ato Zedingil G Tekle a.k.a. Abebe who is the  V/ Chairman of the Council in Charge of Financial matters, intimated the audience with the effort made in the last two months and revealed the total amount of money thus raised.

Ato Befekadu Retta, an Executive Committee member of the Council took the podium and extended due recognition and thanks for those commercial, civic entities and individuals who sponsored the event by making a positive note to its unequivocal success.

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