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Ethiopian troops to stay longer in Somalia

Tigrai Online, June 23, 2012

Ethiopian troops to stay longer in Somalia helping the government to stabilize the country

The gallant Ethiopian defense forces will stay longer in SomaliaThe gallant Ethiopian defense forces will stay longer in Somalia to help stabilize the country

The Ethiopian government indicated it is going to keep its troops in Somalia a little longer to help the Somalia people. The Ethiopian troops will be in Somalia until the country ratifies its constitution and it has a strong army to protect and defend its population from the terrorist groups who are entrenched in the country.  

Ethiopia sent thousands of troops supported by tanks and armored cars back to Somalia in November 2011. The first time was in 2006 when it routed the then called Islamic Courts of Somalia which gave birth to the notorious Al-Qaeda affiliated Al-Shabab. Ethiopia withdrew its troops in 2009 after it destroyed the Islamic courts, their Eritrean military advisers, and all the Ethiopian terrorist groups who was piggy backing on Shaebya’s army were ready to enter Ethiopia.

This time Ethiopia went back to open a third front on the ongoing sustained military campaign against Al-Shabab by Uganda and Burundi under the African Union Mission in Somalia mainly in the capital of the country Mogadishu and the Kenyan armed forces in the south of Somalia.

 "It (Ethiopia) will remain (in Somalia) until the Transitional Government (of Somalia) has adequately organized itself to fend off any attack from hostile forces," government spokesman Shimeles Kemal told reporters.

"There is no current plan to evacuate from Somalia until such time that a proper Somali constitution is ratified by all parties to the conflict, and until the constituent assembly will ratify the constitution," Shimeles added.

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