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Report of the Secretary-General on Eritrea

Tigrai Online, June 24, 2012 (Full text)

The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon
The United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon

Report of the Secretary-General on Eritrea (Updated June 25, 2012)

Dear all Tigrai Online visitors, the article that was posted here have been withdrawn by the United Nations Security council. There is no official reason given to why it was withdrawn but some are saying the report was way watered down to the point that it failed to reflect the original intention of the resolutions.

The report didn’t deal with Eritrea’s failure to comply with resolutions 1844/ 2008, 1862/2009, 1907/ 2009 and 2023/2011. The Security Council in a very uncommon practice withdrew the whole report. It is expected a much stronger report will be prepared and brought to the United Nations Security Council soon. We should mention that the report that has been withdrawn with direct order of the Secretary General himself is floating around in many Eritrean government supporters’ websites.

Tigrai Online will be looking, waiting for the new report and as soon as it is available we will post it right here so, please stay tuned and keep watching for it.

If you would like to see if it really was withdrawn from the records, please cut and paste this URL to your browser. http://www.un.org/Docs/sc/sgrep12.htm

Once you are at the UN webpage please look for S/2012/412 Report of the Secretary-General on Eritrea.

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