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Ethiopian Airlines Targets August for 787 Dreamliner Delivery

Tigrai Online - July 12, 2012

Ethiopian Airlines the fastest growing airlines in Africa
Ethiopian Airlines's the brand new Boeing 787 Dreamliner could start service as soon as August 2012

Ethiopian Airlines (Ethiopian), which has been the flag carrier for Ethiopia for the past 65 years, has announced that it could take delivery of its first Dreamliner aircraft in August.

The airline said that the craft would enhance its business in the region. The Dreamliner has been configured to carry 246 economy-class customers and 24 business-class customers. It is expected that the new aircraft will cement the airline’s position as one of the leading aircraft carriers in Ethiopia. Even though the initial launch of the Dreamliner craft was expected in June, its delivery had been delayed until August. The aircraft could be used to connect Johannesburg and Dubai, as previously announced.

The 787 Dreamliner is claimed to offer customers a better flying experience. For the company, acquiring the craft will mean greater efficiency to serve its point-to-point routes. It will also be able to increase its frequency of preferred and popular routes. The 787 Dreamliner claims to use 20 percent less fuel than most modern airplanes of comparable size. It also offers 45 percent more cargo revenue capacity. Other customer-centric features include a better interior environment, larger windows, better lighting, more storage space and other conveniences.

The company has so far ordered ten B787 Dreamliners

Source: Travel News

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