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Ethiopian Federal High Court sentences convicted terrorists for life and 18 years

Tigrai Online - July 13, 2012

Convicted terrorists Andualem Arage and  Eskinder Nega
Convicted terrorists Andualem Arage, Eskinder Nega and 22 others are sentenced to prison

The Ethiopian Federal High court on Friday July 13, 2012 handed down sentences of eight to 18 years and life prison terms to 24 convicted terrorists working under the guise of journalism and opposition parties.

Andualem Arage who is a member of a legal opposition party in Ethiopia was secretly member of the leadership of the terrorist group known as Ginbot-7. He was found guilty of terrorism and high treason and he was sentenced to life in prison. Andualem Arage was convicted and sentenced to life in prison after the bloody aftermath of the 2005 elections. He was pardoned by the government and was free to do whatever he wants,  apparently once a terrorist always a terrorist he again joined the terrorist group Ginpot-7.

Eskinder Nega who was working as a journalist is also found guilty of terrorism and sentenced to 18 years. Eskinder has been working to overthrow the government of Ethiopia using terrorist tactics for a long time.

Another 12 defendants tried in absentia are also sentenced to prison terms ranging from eight years to life imprisonment. Andargachew Tsige, Dr. Birhanu Nega and Fasil Yenealem, are sentenced to life in prison. Abebe Belew, Abebe Gelaw, Neamin Zeleke, Mesfin Aman each received 15 years in prison.  Wube Robe, Zelelegn Tsegaselassie and Obang Meto are sentenced to 18 years. Abiy Teklemariam and Mesfin Negash, are sentenced to eight years in prison for giving professional support to Ginbot 7.

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