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The naked truth about the protests of some Muslims in Ethiopia

Tigrai Online - July 15, 2012

The Al Negash Mosque in Wukro, Tigrai state northern Ethiopia - Tigrai Online
The Al Negash Mosque in Wukro, Tigrai state northern Ethiopia is one of the oldest mosques in the world

Ethiopians are mostly Christian based on the statistics from consecutive Ethiopian governments over the years from Hailesilasie to Mengistu and now EPRDF show there are about 34% Muslims in Ethiopia.

The Muslim religion came to Ethiopia in the sixth century when the Axumite kingdom was one of the most powerful kingdoms in the world. When the prophet Mohammed sent 116 of his family members and followers to Axum to seek asylum the King of Kings of Axum at that time Armaha II (Asihima) welcomed them and granted them refugee status. They were given all they need to stay in Tigrai northern Ethiopia including the right to worship their god and practice their religion freely which was an infant religion at that time. The followers of Mohammed were prosecuted in Mecca for their religion and that was the reason they come to Ethiopia.

They stayed about seven years in Tigrai they even built a place of worship the AL-Negash mosque in Klite Awlaelo district about ten kilometers outside the town of Wukro. Some of the Arabian Muslim refugees are buried in this mosque making it one of most respetd Muslim shrines.

Ethiopia the first country to receive the Muslim religion has been practicing Islam peacefully for centuries. After the EPRDF government came to power more constitutional rights are provided to Muslims and other minority religious groups.

Ginbot-7 based on the do whatever to get to power policy is starting fires it can’t put out if they started to spread. There have been some clashes between Protestants and Muslims in southern Ethiopia over the years but nothing big. The close proximity from Somalia and the involvement of Al-Qaeda and Al-Shabab might have something to do with it.

Ginbot-7 is working with the one man regime in Eritrea and some of the Wahabist extremists to take advantage of the recent Muslim demonstrations. The Ethiopian Muslims should not fall victims to the sinister political design of Gunbot-7 and Ethiopia’s enemies.

The leadership of the Ethiopian Muslims should totally reject Ginbot-7 and its bloody plan to bring death and destruction to Muslims and Christians in Ethiopia. If this situation is not put under control right away it will be deadly for everyone involved even Ginbot-7 will regret it.

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Christian and Muslim Population Distribution in Ethiopia

Country Wide

Ethiopia total Christian 62.8% Muslims 33.9% Traditional 2.6%  Others 0.6%


Afar State Christian 4.7% Muslims 95.3% Traditional 0%  Others 0%

Amhara State Christian 82.7% Muslims 17.2% Traditional 0%  Others 0.1%

Benishangul State Christian 44.1% Muslims 45.4% Traditional 7.1%  Others 0.5%

Gambela State Christian 90.3% Muslims 4.9% Traditional 3.8%  Others 1.1%

Oromia State Christian 48.7% Muslims 47.5% Traditional 3.3%  Others 0.6%

Somali State Christian 0.7% Muslims 98.4% Traditional 0.1%  Others 0.8%

SNNP State Christian 77.8% Muslims 14.1% Traditional 6.6%  Others 1.5%

Tigrai State Christian 96.% Muslims 4% Traditional 0% Others 0%


Harari Region Christian 30.8% Muslims 69.0% Traditional 0.1%  Others 0.1%

Addis Ababa Christian 83.0% Muslims 16.2% Traditional 0.1%  Others 0.8%

Dire Dawa Christian 28.8% Muslims 70.9% Traditional 0.1%  Others 0.2%

The total Christian population includes Orthodox, Protestant and Catholics, even though the number of protestants in Tigrai is 0.1% , in Amhara 0.2% in Oromia 17.7%. The reverse is true in SSNP Protestant are 55.5% and in Gambela 70.1%

Source the Central Statistical Agency of Ethiopia 2007 Census.